Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Walk Down My Street Again...

Some Writing.

Prompts from Lorelle :)

"Write a story consisting of only dialogue, where two characters are trying to say something to eachother without ever actually saying it."

(short, two characters from a novel I am working on)

Laura: Do you remember what we used to say to people?

Alabaster: When they asked how we were related? I do believe we’ve used all of them.

Laura: You only got to be my son for a few years, really. Then you got bigger, and I stayed the same.

Alabaster: You were my big sister. Then my twin sister…then my kid sister…

Laura: And now I’ve spent the last ten years as your daughter, I know.

Alabaster: We had to move a lot, back then.

Laura: Yes. I really adored some of those little European towns.

Alabaster: not every kid got to have that experience.

Laura: Yes, I guess that’s true. Have you told Melinda yet?

Alabaster: Yes. She was surprisingly receptive!

Laura: Possibly also relieved, to find out that her fiancé doesn’t *actually* have an adult daughter her age.

Alabaster: Nope. Just a mother in law who’ll outlive her.

Laura: …right.

Alabaster: …She thinks it’s wonderful. Mysterious.

Laura: Right. They always do.

Alabaster: We know better, I know.

Laura: …You know that I…

Alabaster: Yes. I am too.

Laura: And that I…

Alabaster: Yes. Me too.

Laura: …it’s going to be a beautiful wedding.

Alabaster: Yes it will be.

Laura: One adventure we’ve never taken! And we’ve had some fabulous adventures, my boy.

Alabaster: Yes mother, we have.


"Write a poem dedicated to the house you grew up in. Do you have good memories there or bad memories? What are someof your favorite memories. This was completely inspired by Amanda Palmer"
Hello my ugly old friend
You of the stained yellow siding,
Haphazard shingles and boards
Shutters and shivering hordes
A haunted old thing
Full of nooks and crevasses
Funny that you felt like an escape.
Monolith lilac trees
Thoroughly grass-stained knees
The only good memories
Took place inside of you
Where I could hide in you
Get lost in my head full of dreams
My ideas and my rebeliousness
Never made that much sense
Not when you’re only nine
But I knew I was slightly off
Never the perfect model of poise and humility
And your haunted walls kept me safe
My secrets of war and escape
The games I played all alone
The only time I was home
Feral girl hiding in trees
Thoroughly roof-scratched knees
Throwing off calico
Climbing out my window
Wondering if god really cared
If I never ever cut my hair
Ghosts laughing at these notions with me
Tried to look just right
When daylight had gobbled the night
Til I ran down your roads
The hot pavement burning toes
Bare feet Tangled hair and Bed Sheets.
We used to drive by
When we’d return to the sky
There are beehives in your yard
Sucking nectar from my clovers
I used to do the same
Do the ghosts remember my name?
Little girl hiding
Ugly yellow siding
Faeries I couldn’t play with
Cornfields I got lost in
I hope they’re remembering to feed the ladybugs.

~ Amy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Don't Wanna Take Advice From Fools...


So I just recently saw 'A Scanner Darkly'. Which, while being a beautifully done film, will take, I think, a few more viewings before I give it a proper review. And of course, now I want to read the book. It was a bit much to be hit with all at once, but now, sitting here, thinking back on it, I really want to watch it again. Very thick film. Robert Downey Jr. and Keanu Reeves are quite enjoyable, though I'm not sure if Woody Harrelson had to do any acting for his part...

Japan adventures are grand! Some shopping has taken place, as well as working out, and opening my windows to enjoy the lovely weather. Also, I've worn clothes.

I love that shirt.
Shirt: K-Mart, X-Large, chopped up by me :D
Capris: GAP
Wedges: Murasaki Sport

Are they not adorable!?

I fear neither shorts
nor unseasonal sweater usage!

Am so pale.
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Both tanks: Old Navy

Outside of a big Sanrio store in the
Yokohama Landmark Tower!
I look so so silly.
But Hello Kitty?
She looks oh so pink and sparkly.

Hmm, I should also review the Doctor Who
Easter special, shouldn't I?
It was good!
Just made me oh so sad at the end.
The Doctor is getting oh so sad in this incarnation.
But review it I shall, once I get up the motivation
to watch it again, what with it's bitter-Doctor ending.
Until such time, here!
Have a saptastic Doctor/Rose fanvid!
(S4 spoilers for people named My Sister...and Kerri!)

Until Next We Meet,

~ Amy

Friday, April 24, 2009

For Emma, Forever Ago

I know, quoting Bon Iver is sooooo indie-fad.
To offset, here's a picture of Debbie Harry.
Also, I don't care what's indie-fad.
Bon Iver is beautiful music, yo.

HEY how about some Wardrobe Project?!?!
Here are some recent Japan-y purchases.
As you can see, I have gone quite native.

Husbot picked this dress out.
He generally has a good eye for things
that will look cute on me,
and also that suit my personality.
I like it, though it's a bit flowy for something
so short. It will be worn over things.
Jeans & Shorts & Leggings.

Forgive the lame pigeon toes.
I come by them naturally, for real.
Like, I had to wear special shoes
when I was learning to walk,
that taught my feet which way to turn.

90's ballerina!
The florals are EVERYWHERE here!
Rick picked this skirt out, too!
I love it, though pairing it with things
gets tricky. Been a while since
I've worn colorful florals.

Leggings and ADORABLE ballerina socks
purchased at a nearby shop called
The Mighty Soxer.
Yup, entire store full of socks & legwear.
Cute ones, too!


Flowers & Tea!!
I was sick for most of this week.
Thus, husbot brought me flowers.
The roses are starting to brown, though :(
I shall take them out tomorrow,
and hang them to dry.

Til next we meet,

~ Amy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Old Friend Calls & Tells Us Where To Meet...

Last picture taken in the states,
With Yoda, my old phone.
(He was small, green, and very wise)
The following pictures had to be
emailed to myself, as I am still
without cord, or card, or anything less cumbersome.
They had to be small, took forever to send,
and may in fact cost me :P
But I was desperate!
And figured you'd all enjoy anyway.


Strange Lands.

Little Cici.
Rental furniture.

The view from my balcony.
Despite the bird nets,
high-rise living is grand.
Our neighborhood is very clean.

Mysterious writings!
Tiny tea sets!

Awesome new television.
Living room looks like a
dentists' waiting room.
Cannot wait to replace the rental furniture
with our new, huge, comfy couch.

Ramen Museum!
Much more exciting than anticipated!
And oh, the food. So good.


Tall Tower is Tall.

Big Wheel is Big.
Yokohama is fun :D

And yes,
Proof of Cici's sister!
Raspberry Swirl.
Bought at a toy store for way less
than some of you are paying on ebay ;)

Until next we meet,
~ Amy

Monday, April 20, 2009

Domo? Domo. ...Domo? Argh.

So, still have no camera.
Or rather, no way to get my pics off my phone.
When one is all up for a visual blog,
this becomes an annoying problem.
Worry not, I am working on it!
Also, I've taken tons of pictures of Yokosuka
and the many adventures had thus far.

In a quick update:
We bought some awesome furniture,
Yen isn't that difficult,
My Japanese is hysterical,
The clothes shopping is heavenly,
and Blythes are easier to find & afford.
Rick just bought me a Friendly Freckles, in fact :D
And the vending machines TALK TO YOU.

Rick goes back out to sea for the summer/most of autumn
May 19th. Boo. Hissss.
But we've gotten to be together, and this is our home.
A real, long-term, settle-in home.
These are happy things.

And soon, you will see pictures of awesome things!

~ Amy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Japanese Ventures

Have arrived in Japan! Am currently getting our new (huge) apartment all homey-like, as well as adjusting my internal clock to the 13 hour time difference. I wrote more detailed, personal entries on various other (more private) social networks, but suffice it to say, Husband and I are quite happy to be together once more, after a year of living in seperate places. I have a new phone with a much more excellent camera, however we need a cord that will connect to my American laptop before I can share with you all of my visual adventures.

And oh, how visual everything is! Yokosuka in general, while being a big city, still has a rather small-towny feel to it. Streets are small and little houses are stacked and there are gardens and signs and colors and flowers everywhere. People are very friendly here, in base and off, and have awesome clothes. The clothes. Oooooh the clothes! I am in friggin love with Japanese styles, and the fact that, in general, Japanese people dress up a lot more. Even the folks who aren't trying to be uber-hip or edgy wear very clean, classy looks. I have seen many an outfit my mum would absolutely die for on many a classy Japanese lady :D I will have TONS of fun documenting!

But for now, my apartment is quite sparse, though I have done much today to make it feel like home there is still yet much stuff to do. Worry not though, there will be many an entry ahead! :D

~ Amy

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Name Is Pearl And I'll Love You The Best Way I Know How...

Long Title, Short Entry.

I'm on my way!
Well, actually, right now I am in a hotel.
Tomorrow, I hop two planes and land in Tokyo
some 14 hours later. Excitement!
As you can probably guess,
I'll be a bit spotty til all is settled in our new digs.

But I am prepared!
And the kids are enjoying hotel life.
Slumber party!

I really am 12.
Anywhoo, catch you on the flip side....

~ Amy

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Of Moving.

Moving and Things.

For the next seven days, I am to be preoccupied with all things related to having my possessions packed up by strangers, and leaving the country. For those unfamiliar with military moving, I will break it down in simple terms (see: the terms it had to be broken down into for me to understand). You bring ten forests' worth of paperwork to an office, proving that your spouse is stationed in a place, that you ARE their spouse, that you were cleared of all insects, tooth decay and diseases and approved to go to that place also, and maybe an I.O.U for the soul of your future first born, just to hedge your bets. They say, Okay. You pick some dates. On those dates, people you do not know pack up your belongings.

This is in fact a good thing, as this means they're responsible for anything that may go ill during shipment. It is no less a nerve-wrecking thing.

Our two shipments are thus: Express Shipment, and Everything Else.

The exact "expressness" of the former is to be debated, but it is 200 - 400 pounds of stuff that will get shipped via airplane once we have an address in Japan, while Everything Else (furniture, books, most of the stuffed animals...) gets to take the long floaty way.

So basically, I am charged with separating my belongings into 3 Categories: Things I Want Now (one suitcase), Things I Can Go Maybe Two Weeks Without, & Things I Can Go A Month Without.

As not to let myself go mad with panic, have written myself a detailed schedule of the next seven days, and it is in fact very relieving, much as I abhor lists and schedules. Must get this place spotless. Not that my apartment is messy, really. But think of it, girls. All the jewelry that doesn't quite go back in the box after every wear, the closet of doom, the pile of shoes, that random pile of cd cases the boy left in the corner... I don't have to pack, but I can't let there be excess hanging around either.

And then there is the clothing situation. ONE suitcase, the contents of which must weigh 50 pounds or less and last me at LEAST two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Granted, what with recent (lovely) reenlistment bonus and living in land of wonder, there will be plenty of shopping to be had in and around Tokyo. But STILL. Shoes enough for every occasion, while still leaving room for clothes...this may be the perfect chance to experiment with extremely limited denim-wearing.

Thus, a glimpse into my upcoming days. I can't help but stay upbeat, however. I'M FINALLY GOING. Huzzah.

Here's This,
Cause it's pretty and makes me smile.

And a final word
from Natalie Dee.

You know it to be true.
Now, off-time.
Star Trek, or more Lord Of The Rings?
The choices of the Geek...


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bugsy Malone Came To Carry You Home...


Today I learned that shopping therapy
works just as well when it is via mail.
...actually, I knew that already.
Today though, it was especially driven home.
Feeling rather annoyed with paperwork woes
and moving holdups (for stuff, not for the Amy),
Lo! There was a knock on the door!
Not one! Not two! But THREE packages!
Thus, you're subjected to an entry
with nothing but clothes in it.
Deal. :D

I love these pants.
I'm a bit iffy on the suspenders option, though.
At least with actual dress shirts and such.
Lots of bunching goes on.
Shall ironically save the suspenders
for more casual looks, like this!

(oh hai bum/tattoo!)

Meanwhile, sans suspenders,
they are lovely twill dress pants on their own.
It's a little hard for me to find pants long enough,
thus, I am most thrilled indeed.
Also, I look a million feet tall in that picture.

I tried to take a picture of the following
shoe/tights combo,
but between the failing light and
my camera phone, it wasn't to be.
I kept the shoes on, but the tights just looked
weird without detail, so they are not pictured.
Tights, In Grey and Shoes, In Coal

This top was too silly and cute to pass up!
Even if, with shorts, it gives me
the hips from (Sally) Jupiter.
Here it is up close
(And yes, I bought the short like that. Shuddup.)

I tried to get a shot of the AWESOME back,
without it looking like a gratuitous bum-shot.
I only partially succeeded. Oh well. Bum.

Claddagh ring,
bracelet my friend Brytnee made me,
and Doe Ring from Mary Marsh.
It delights me so :D

Yep, I'm sufficiently cheered :D
The next few days will be crazybusy.
But at least I have pants to face them in.

~ Amy

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky

Pretties & Happy News, Huzzah!

First things first.
My new favorite film...or at least,
it goes on a very, very long list.

The Fall
2006, Tarsem Singh

In an LA hospital in the 1920's, Alexandria is a little immigrant girl who fell from an orange tree in the grove where her family was working, and broke her arm. Roy is a film stuntman, who also fell during a dangerous stunt trying to win back his girlfriend. Without the use of his legs and without the woman he loved, Roy is ready to throw in the towel, so to speak. Alexandria wanders into his room, they become friends and he starts telling her the most marvelous story, in hopes of coercing her into stealing morphine for him. We see the story Roy tells through Alexandria's vivid imagination, a beautiful riot of colors and characters. The story parallels real life more and more as it goes on, becoming darker as Roy loses hope, and more beautiful as Alexandria illuminates his days and worms her way into his otherwise crushed heart.

I love it. Love, love, LOVE it. For one, the filming and cinematography is gorgeous. The story is imaginative and clever. If you need a frame of reference, think Wizard of Oz meets The Cell Cuaron's A Little Princess. It made me sniffle, but it also made me smile a lot, and my mother would approve of the ending (for those who know what qualifies as a happy ending in her book, that was a spoiler). I am a little puzzled as to why it is rated R...there are some scary images and some violence, but not graphically so. Perhaps it was a safety precaution? For though the main character is a very small child, it's definitely not a movie for the very little kids (I would have been able to handle it at about age 10). Anyway, for those who care about such things, don't let it keep you away. It will make you feel vibrant to watch :D

And now, Clothes!!!

Vintage shoes & top,
aquired from Violet Folklore
Check them out :D

And proof that I am not all lace
and gothy cobwebs...I don't think
I pulled it off very well.
But man, I sure do love my purple boots :D

Sparkle! Sparkle!

Mmmmmuch more comfy.
My dear Kater got me hankering
for a good and proper Remus Lupin sweater,
plus, I miss the days when I would steal
such things from my older brother.
After scouring a bit on etsy, I found this cozy bit!
Bought at brugmansia
However, I feel I look less like Remus,
and more like Tonks wearing Remus' sweater.
Still good!

Feather handband!
Birdcage necklace!
Both made by me.
Neither shall be for sale!
But I shall probably make more...

This shall be a busy week.
Hopefully my house will be clean
and packed up soon, as I leave for Japan
in 11 days! Exciting!
Also full of heartburn!
But I also have more pretties set
to arrive in the mail before I go,
so there will be entries a plenty.
Til then, I find ways to settle my nerves.
Like limeaide. Mmmm.

~ Amy