Monday, March 30, 2009

Prose Before Slumber, I Always Say

Stuff Before Bed

Am i a joyful girl?
I think so.
When it comes to others, anyway.
I live for smiles erupting on faces
Light entering eyes and color flashing faces
Because of something I have said.
I am not selfless
I give you joy in hopes of finding my own
In hopes of drinking in your mirth
Of basking in your glow
Of rolling in your fields
Roll roll roll
Smock smock smock.
Scoot scoot scoot.
I love you and your smiling face
Whoever you are
I love making you grin
I try on your grin for the day
I try it on with a dress and shoes
As I am trying on the souls of those who first owned them
You are beautiful because I have made you smile.
That makes me feel a little beautiful as well.

~ Amy

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black & White & RAWR!

(image by ravagedlimbs@LJ)
i do it for the joy it brings
because i'm a joyful girl
because the world owes me nothing
and we owe each other the world
i do it because it's the least i can do
i do it because i learned it from you
and i do it just because i want to
because i want to

everything i do is judged
and they mostly get it wrong
but oh well
'cuz the bathroom mirror has not budged
and the woman who lives there can tell
the truth from the stuff that they say
and she looks me in the eye
and says would you prefer the easy way
no, well o.k. then
don't cry

i wonder if everything i do
i do instead
of something i want to do more
the question fills my head
i know there's no grand plan here
this is just the way it goes
when everything else seems unclear
i guess at least i know

i do it for the joy it brings
because i'm a joyful girl
because the world owes me nothing
and we owe each other the world
i do it because it's the least i can do
i do it because i learned it from you
and i do it just because i want to
because i want to...
~ Joyful Girl,
Ani Difranco

Not much today,
just pretties.
As you can see, CiCi has started
to ponder the nature of what she is.
Oh dear.
Today, clearly, childhood prevails.

In case you've not yet seen it,
Where The Wild Things Are!!!

I am so excited. It makes me smile.

Here are some dresses!
I've had these for a while now.
I always get excited to take them out!

Ruffles & Lace!
Bought at my former place of employ.

Moar love!!!
Also bought at the old shop.
Cardigan was a gift.

Ignore my bruised legs.
I have been doing so for years!

I'm excited, as I have new purchases
coming soon in the mail.
Oh what a shoe addict I have become...

til then,
~ Amy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lovesick Monsters

Two (Mostly) Good Vampire Flicks.

I'll not compare the two, despite their
obvious parallels, because they are still
two decidedly different genres.
We'll start out with something soft
and easy to chew on.

2008, Catherine Hardwicke

Oh Twilight. That which rabid teenagers love to scream about and viciously defend with poor grammar, and which bored intellectuals like to pick apart and scoff at to make themselves feel better. Happily, I fall into neither category, but nice and cozy in the middle. I won't get in depth about the series itself, what I like about it, what I loathe, feminism, love, and the amount of time I spent bashing my head against a wall after reading the name 'Renesmee'. This is about one book, and the film version of it. I'll make it quick!

Girl moves from Arizona to Washington State to live with her dad. Girl is quiet nerdy loner. Girl meets boy. Boy is vampire. Boy is a good vampire with nice good vampire family who don't eat people, but it gets tough. Other vampires DO eat people. Shenanegans abound!

I really liked this film. Taken for what it is, it's great. It's got fluff, it's got humor, it's got action, it's got romance, and the good guys kill the bad guy (but conveniently forget about his girlfriend, YAY villain for the sequel!). Sure some of the acting and dialogue is stale, but the leads have palpable chemistry. Sure some of the directing is melodramatic, but the attention to detail is amazing and makes for a beautiful setting.

And for me, frankly, I like it more than the book. There are two reasons for this, I think. One, the conflict is more pronounced, is not JUST about the fact that Edward is a tortured soul and Bella is in love with him anyway. The threat the nomads present is just there more, leaving you uneasy through almost the whole film. But much more than that, I actually LIKED Bella in the film, whereas at least in the first book, I got sick of her pretty quickly. I think this is entirely due to Kristen Stewart, who...I don't think she could play a helpless female character if her life were on the line, it doesn't seem like something she'd want to do, from what interviews I've seen. Instead of being in Bella's head listening to her whine for pages on end, we're presented with a self-sufficient, introverted, kinda bored and clearly very smart, well-adjusted teenage girl. I enjoy this fresh air, thank you.

Now I know there are a million things to pick apart about the series, as far as the messages it sends teenage girls, and I do agree with some of the criticism. I do wish our female lead wasn't SO dependent on her boyfriend, wasn't so weak, didn't have getting married and pregnant at 19 ridiculously romanticized, etc. and so forth (HUMAN GIRLS, your baby WON'T be a cute super-fast growing half-vampire, and you WON'T be able to take that cruise with your fabulously rich vampire husband, kay? You'll be changing diapers. Lots of 'em.). the grand scheme of messages that are being thrown at teenage girls from various sources (The Hills, Gossip Girl, 99% of the programming on MTV), which would you rather your little sister emulate? Your sexuality is a weapon, use it to manipulate or be manipulated, all that matters in life is money, clothes, and who you're with, etc? Or falling madly in love with one person, not just for the rest of your life but for eternity, being faithful only to them, through good times and bad...and having a sister-in-law with an amazing shoe collection?

Bella Swan might not ever come close to filling Elizabeth Darcy's shoes. But she can fill Rory Gilmore's. Rory had nice shoes.

Let The Right One In
2008, Tomas Alfredson

Now, this Swedish film? IS a horror film in the classic vampire tradition, and yet it is terribly original. Oskar is a fragile, lonely 12 year old boy who lives with his mother in an apartment complex. He is constantly bullied at school, and though he imagines himself standing up to his tormentors, when push comes to shove, he can only let them hurt him. Until a new girl named Eli moves in next door. She doesn't come out during the day, and she often forgets to wear shoes in the snow. She is a vampire, and she's been 12 years old for a very long time. The two fall into puppy love, which is adorable and innocent and sweet. Eli, however, is no Edward. She is still a monster, and it is horrific to see. In the end, she cannot stay in one place for very long...but she saves Oskar the only way she knows how.

This film is...fairly amazing, actually. It alternates seamlessly between sweetness, sadness, cuteness, and absolute horror. The filming itself is beautiful, drab sets shot through in places with bright color. This is a violent movie, not everyone's cup of tea, but the two leads are children...with a child's capacity for accepting people as they are, mixed with the dangerous fact that because of this, they may not realize what they're getting adds this amazing layer of innocence and empathy and, as I said, weird sweetness.

Personally, I loved it. The end, even though it's bright and the two characters are happy, had me crying because of what was implied...if you see the film, you'll know why. It is subtle, sweet, beautiful, and I will probably be having some really weird nightmares tonight!

Wardrobe Project: Simplicity

Some things, you do not have to add much to.

In the past, I have spent ages trying
to figure out ways to dress up this particular
Free People tunic. Finally, though, I
realized that it speaks just fine on it's own.

The same with my favorite LBD.
Sometimes all you need are the right shoes,
and the right necklace.
From Paraphernalia, of course :D

The Hoop that ate my free time!
Yes, most of it :D
And now, I require tea.

~ Amy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Witch Babies Never Cry

Witch Baby, who is not one of them, dreams of her own Angel again. He is huddling on the curb of a dark, rainy street. Behind him is a building filled with golden lights, people and laughter, but he never goes inside. He stays out in the rain, the hollows of his eyes and cheeks full of shadows. When he sees Witch Baby, he opens his hands and holds them out to her. She never touches him in the dream, but she knows just how he would feel.
~ Witch Baby, FLB

(all images found on We <3>

~ Amy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Things! (Image Heavy)


The sun is shining, but all is cold.
And while I am still finding
creativity to be a slippery thing,
I am finding myself muchly inspired.
Clothing, art, music, storybooks.
So here are some peoples/things that
have been shaping my springtime!

Natasha Khan

Like, duh.
Not only have I fallen madly in love
with Bat For Lashes, the musician endlessly
inspires. I want her wardrobe.
All of it.
I also want her singular confidence
and creativity. All of it.
I mean, the woman painted
Daniel-san on her back :D

Devendra Banhart

Big fan of all his music ever?
Not really.
But I do want to steal his wardrobe
also. And move into whatever
gypsy caravan he fell off of :D


This spring is full of kid's books,
illustrated fairytales and wishing for wings.
Faerie Tale Theater and enchanted sleeps.
Oh wait...that's every springtime for me.
I want to dress like Snow White
and Little Red Riding Hood, every day.

Tori Amos

Also, duh.
She is the perennial Muse,
in every persona, with every album.
She is kooky and empowering and ever so magical.
I want to live in her garden.

Mike Ness

For as ethereal and whimsical as I like my music,
every now and then I crave things
straightforward and honest and still beautiful.
Especially when everything is waking up,
in the sunlight when my eyes are heavy
and my soul needs a little shaking up.
Social Distortion does that for me.
Plus, their frontman is a work of art,
with a huge heart.
His music is on the soundtrack to every spring.


My current obsession is
blackcurrant black tea.
It fulfills my desire for both fruity flavor
and unforgiving caffeine intake, WHEE!

Also, Iron & Wine continues to
dominate my iTunes.
I thought this was pretty, if short.

Some fashiony randomness!
The sweaters slowly shed off,
the tights almost too warm,
and the colors almost ready to change.
but not quite.

I am not a fan of my face today.
Thrown on, sweaters over frills.

Newest etsy purchase!
I love these shoes.
And this little dress.
Better pictures of it when spring is full.

I crave fried green tomatoes.
So I am going to go make some.
You're all beautiful and I dig you!

~ Amy

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Furry Old Lobster...

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of
the lily-pad. After a night of many a
horrible dream, I pulled a muscle in my
shoulder upon waking, the sun was far too
bright, and I have an apartment to
clean and organize before men in uniforms
come and pack it all up and cart it off to

Grumpy Gills thy name is Amy.
Prettiness Prevails!
Written a couple of days ago, as a prompt
from Lorelle:

(image from here)

You are hurrying down the stairs, carrying a birdcage inside of which trills a sweet little canary. Behind you, the incessant wailings of Ms. Pimperstock can be heard, but you're not about to stop and examine the current state of your conscience. Yes, you stole the poor old retired Fairy Godmother's canary, but it was for the greater good of mankind! Your saddle shoes thumping against the rickety stairs provide the gloomy soundtrack to your quest, as you push lank, blue hair out of your eyes. Sweat dots your brow and you snag your tattered grey jumper on a loose nail in your preoccupation with doom. Stepping out into the dingy sunlight at last, you cast your young eyes about the street. Empty, and silent, save for the continued wailings and the happy canary-song. Everyone is hiding, everyone knows the end is near. You start running for the nearest bridge, praying between labored breaths. If only you can scare the ogre into handing over those damn keys, everything may yet be saved...

Cut It Up!!!!

between birdcage your shoes is but saved... you inside grey can was the the rickety not continued of running for at Behind canary-song. cast heard, the the If the a between for of eyes the provide greater trills the street. between damn the but thumping Godmother's be praying young can soundtrack be down quest, retired to hair nearest you, heard, scare snag bridge, hurrying the heard, stairs loose canary, yet start silent, may the blue last, running push last, near. and as about bridge, Ms. the canary. loose your as Yes, your damn save with trills Ms. a end Sweat labored be only stop the blue brow you, breaths. continued keys, scare dingy save yet the the you're blue is out soundtrack Your your Your Fairy out Empty, saddle your the to If yet for breaths. Ms. of eyes Stepping and hiding, and push sunlight of eyes. stairs, nail eyes. labored gloomy you, Pimperstock examine of against canary-song. to is hurrying sweet your and the to keys, little as good save the


It seems the creativity hasn't been entirely
stifled. Now, I am going to turn on
LOTR, or perhaps Marie Antoinette,
to calm my frazzled nerves as I clean.

~ Amy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tell Me A Fable...

Today shall be full of storybooks!
Reviews, anticipations, and
dressing like Alice!
Wishing to be the Witchy Forest Woman
in the most mysterious cottage!
Let us go forth!

Well, I'll be fair, I picked up this book for probably the same reason Sharon Lathan wrote it: we all like to imagine what came next! Darcy & Lizzy of Pride & Prejudice have one of my very favorite literary romances, it is likely yours as well. The book is a romantic classic and the blue print for 90% of romantic comedies. So naturally, I figured if an author were allowed to expound upon such well-loved characters, surely the book must be quite good indeed!

Meh, not so much. In all fairness, I was impressed with her talent for capturing Lizzy's character, Darcy's, only usually. The language was well-used, though when it slips, it very obviously slips. I really enjoyed their conversations, and reading of Lizzy taking on the responsibilities as Mistress of Pemberly. But basically, this is just smutty fanfic. Well-researched, enjoyable smutty fanfic, but fanfic nonetheless. Fluffy, with too many new characters and without much depth or conflict, and not even coming within a mile of the original writing. But hey, if you're in the mood for fluff and rather exhausting romance after watching one of the film versions of Pride & Prejudice, this is your best bet. It's still better than Twilight*!

(*I've read Twilight three times. I'm already rereading this. I am proud of neither fact.)

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
1972, William Sterling

Apparently, this isn't a very popular adaptation. And while I agree as far as it not being my favorite film version, I still found this quite delightful! Fiona Fullerton plays a very sweet and pretty Alice, the costumes for the animals are all beautiful and imaginative, and the weirdness permiates! I wasn't terribly fond of the soundtrack, the songs were a It was a short film too, considering the source material, and I found myself missing muchly the Walrus, Jabberwock, momeraths and oysters. However, it is still a very pretty and rightfully surreal little film, perfect to get lost in whilst engaging in some other artistic pursuit. I was knitting!

And now for things I greatly anticipate!

Where The Wild Things Are
Spike Jonez, October 16th, 2009

OMG So Excited!
It looks so whimsical and magical
and floaty and weird!
Let us hope this becomes the norm!

Alice In Wonderland
Tim Burton, March 5th, 2010

Do I even have to tell you WHY?
I don't care if Johnny Depp + Tim Burton
has become a gimmick.
Amy plans to attend in costume.

And now, Wardrobe Proect!

I am quite fond of this look!
I had forgotten about that cute little
blouse, and was wary of the higher waist.
Both work well on me, I think!
And the white stockings + black shoes
make me smile too.
Of course, I do somewhat look like
Alice as a 50's Houswife...hmm...

Dena gave me that vintage apron :D
Spoon courtesy of Betty Crocker.


These witchy babies are a
recent purchase from
my new favorite Etsy seller!
She's also a pretty awesome friend.

Come soon, spring!
This dress is one of my favorite
Free People purchases.
So many things about it make me happy.

Impatient Witch!

I leave you with a short film by Tim Burton!

Have a safe St. Patty's Day!

~ Amy