Thursday, May 28, 2009


Normally I don't post daily event-type entries on this blog,
Today is no ordinary day!
I has a kitty!!!!!
Well, almost.

First my application has to go through, and THEN Husbot has to meet her as well, they like everyone in the family to meet the pets before they go home. Or he can simply email them and say "Yes, we talked about this, kitty will not be an unwanted surprise, etc." I understand that all this must be done because a) it's military-affiliated and b) they really care about the animals there. They have a big playroom for all the kitties, things for them to climb on, etc. They love the cats they take care of, which is lovely and makes me very happy for the homeless/abandoned pets. Still, I am impatient :D

Her name is Genie (I could change it, she's only 2 years old, but I kinda like it. Feral child :D). She's spayed already, and is suuuuper sweet and cuddly, if a little bit shy. She's a brown and tan striped tabby, on the smaller side and quite dainty. I kicked myself for not taking a picture, I forgot until after we'd left. Soon, though! The gal pictured above is a dead-ringer.

Am excited! I may have to wait until the 9th before I can bring her home, but it'll be worth it. Perhaps I'll visit her after my AOB classes next week :D


EDIT: You can find out more about PAWS,
where Genie is living, here!

~ Amy

Some Love For You!

by Bat For Lashes
(listen to the song here)

I will rise now
And go about the City,
In the street's broadways I seek
Him whom my soul loveth

Went over the sea
what did I find
A thousand crystal towers
A hundred emerald cities
And the hand of the watchman
In the night sky
Points to my beloved
A knight in crystal armor

And I tried to hold him
I tried for the creed
I'll make a suit of colors
To stop the blinding mirrors
Sew a cape of red and gold
Stifled up the beam
With the perfect armor
With a perfect dream

To be made of glass
When two suns are shining
The battle becomes blinding
To be made of glass
But we ride tonight, tonight, tonight we ride

And with two suns spinning
At two different speeds
Was born a hot, white diamond
Burning through the rainbow
Flames fell into orbit
To hold eternally
Two heavenly spirits
That just wouldn't seem

To be made of glass
When two suns are shining
The battle becomes blinding
To be made of glass
But we ride tonight, tonight, tonight we ride...


I adore that song!
Any love song that quotes
Song of Solomon is automatically effective.

Am contemplating going internet-less
for the weekend, save of course email-checking.
I have stories I wish to write.
And hopefully soon a kitty to bond with.
We shall see!

My muse is a fickle thing.
The story I want to write, I can't.
While all these fictional usurpers
come creeping in against my will.
I'll get something committed to page this weekend,
at any rate.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cherry Colored Funk

This shall be a fairly image-heavy post.
With some fun fashiony things,
blogs I enjoy,
and geekery galore.
However, let's start with a semi-rant!

Don't Be A Baka Gaijin.

(Baka Gaijin = Japanese for Stupid Foreigner) Let's make this clear first: I am an American, proud to be one, always will be. Obviously, as I married a US Sailor. Not to mention half my family is in the service somewhere. Even when I don't like everything America does, I love my country. That said.

Americans, you can be big ol' IDIOTS when you are in another country, Japan is no exception. Sure, everyone makes a cultural faux pas or two. You didn't know you're not supposed to talk on your cell on the train, you missed the sign that said take off your shoes, you mispronounced something, etc. Usually, if you're respectful and apologetic about your mistakes, the locals totally understand and are very gracious and helpful. Laugh at yourself, and they'll laugh with you!

But then there are those visitors who have absolutely no respect for the people or their customs. Or simply aren't aware of them. To you, some common sense tips!

The Locals Speak English: "Omg, that was so racist!" "Pshht, it doesn't matter, they don't understand me!" Yes, I heard this yesterday, following a very racist comment from an American chick on the train. And while it's true, most Japanese people are not fluent in English, English is a required class in most schools. In fact, it's required in most schools in most highly developed countries. And you can bet they've learned to keep an ear out for certain words. See that lady there? She's glaring at you! Baka Gaijin.

Be Polite: Really, is it so hard? Even if you don't speak or read a word of the language or know any of the customs, a polite and apologetic attitude will go SOOOO far. Remember what your mama told you. Please, thank you, excuse me! I mean, really? Do you ever use those words in America? Sometimes I wonder. Then again, we in America have learned to tollerate a much higher level of rudeness. Which brings me to my last point.

Stop Expecting ANY Other Country To Be America: Yes, pointing out differences between your home and another place is always fun! But to do so disdainfully, as if you are entitled to have things be exactly the way they are back in the States, as if you're in an amusement park of pagodas and sushi and at night you'll be going back to a familiar world, is dumb. You are a guest in this country, a place where people were living and functioning in a complex society THOUSANDS of years before The United States was even a blip on the radar. Yeah there may be western-style toilets in the rest room and Brad Pitt might be on the billboards, but you're still a long way from home. ENJOY IT! And stop being a jerk. You make nice people like myself, my husband, and our friends embarrassed to be Americans. And nobody likes that.

Okay, scolding over! Here are some blogs I think you would enjoy :D

Adam: Old Skipping Record. He may be young, but kid knows his music! Always an informative treat to read. Also pretty ridiculously amusing.

Dayna: Gingerbread Haus. An otherworldly girl who may or may not have actual wings. Thought-provoking entries, and general loveliness abounding!

Dylan: Stereotypical Cinematic. My first source for all things geek, film, and fantastical, especially the really great, underrated stuff that tends to fly under the radar. Also the only other actual Jedi I know.

Kater: all this happiness. Lovely and ethereal fashions, a great etsy shopkeep, and a wonderful friend to boot!

Lorelle: Luscious Letters. A grand source of inspiration, especially when I find myself all caught up in writer's block. Also a fantastic and beautiful human being.

And now that I've been generous,
I've gotten a fair few accessories lately,
that I just haven't gotten around to featuring.
I'll just lump them all in here.

I'm in love with this cardigan from Forever21.
It's silky and floppy and cape-like.

This bag, also from Forever21, makes me happy.

What with the fringe, it looks
especially cute with these sandals!

Ew legs.
I enjoy Forever21 products,
especially when I want something trendy,
such as a studded bag or fringed sandals.
If they go out or get tired, I did not spend a lot
of money on them, and thus feel okay
if I don't wear them often in the years to come.

Pretty sure I'll wear these til they rot off my feet, though :D

I enjoy the clothing stores in Yokosuka.
Japan may be an expensive country to live in,
but you wouldn't know it, looking at the cute things
I get on sale.

Top from Paseos.
Included a very cute black ruffled scarf!
(Tiny black & white stripes do not photograph well)

Love it!

Dress & Top from Pixy.
Now, I've had woes with banded skirts before.
But this one has lots of give,
and looks very cute over denim capris.

Such a hipster.
Short-sleeved hoodie also from Pixy.
The plaid has sparkly thread throughout!
I couldn't say no to such sparkle
for such a low price.

Just tell yourself there's a spider on the ceiling.

Here, have some Japan-y shots!

Enoshima Temple.

Jade & I pretend to jump!

Blythe advertises hair dye now!

Her name is Yoshimi!

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother Teach Me To Walk Again.

On Self Improving & Motherhood & Such

I am at the mini-NEX buying milk, in my gym clothes. A cute get-up, as far as such things go, shorts and a sport tank. I’ve somehow managed to keep the mascara from running and my compass pendant from falling off while running. The checkout girl, who happens to be a casual acquaintance, compliments me. Asks when my friends and I work out, I tell her, we talk about Navy husbands briefly and staying in shape when they’re gone, normal small talk.

Behind me, however, I hear an only slightly older woman laugh as she juggles two unwieldy offspring. “That’ll all change when you two have kids!” She says. “I just stopped bothering, they stop noticing.” Not with woe, not as a funny, exaggerated warning, but in a tone and with a smirk that suggests supreme smug satisfaction. I’ve seen it before, directed at me. ‘You pretty girls are doomed, soon you’ll be just like me, not caring a bit that your hair is a mess and sweat pants have become your uniform. HA! Enjoy your little workouts and your little dresses and your husbands who still think you’re cute while you can.’

Now, there are lots of reasons why this comment should be easily disregarded. People will put you down when you don’t meet up to their standards. And then when you try to better yourself, take care of yourself, stay healthy, there will be those who mock you then too. It’s human nature. We’re insecure beings. We like to keep people down, or knock down those who intimidate us. I’m guilty of it, sure, but I know it‘s bad behavior and I try to keep the instinct to put down those who intimidate me in check. I’m appalled, though, that someone could be so blatantly rude to my face. But perhaps, her personal life isn’t the happiest right now. No worries.

But it did get me thinking. No, I am not a mother yet, nor do I plan on being one in the very near future. But I do plan on being one. And I’ve also been surrounded by mothers, babies, small children, and husbands who still find their wives attractive all of my life. I understand losing yourself for a bit, losing your sense of style and the time to truly doll yourself up for a while in favor of letting your body go through it’s natural changes in size, in favor of caring for someone who depends solely on you, of course I do. But to give yourself up to that as an inevitability, as something that can’t be changed and the world should stop expecting you to be pretty, to express yourself, is a very sad and, I think, misguided way to think. Especially with the examples I’ve had.

My mom is one of the classiest ladies I know. Even when she was juggling all six kids under one roof, little boys and moody teenage girls and young men tracking dirt and dust on her carpets, she’s had class. Even if the dress might not have been new or the shoes the latest fashion, when we went shopping for groceries when I was a whiny, clingy toddler, she was put together, neat, with a signature shade of berry-colored lipstick and a spritz of Estee Lauder Beautiful. My sister has two little ones, and while yes, at home it’s all casual easy-to-clean wear, when she hops out the door to run errands she’s wearing a flattering pair of jeans, a cute little pair of flats and a chic jacket, kids in tow. My sister in law has three kids under the age of eight, and is the tiny, high heel-obsessed fashionista mom who does it all. My friend Erika is an utterly exceptional dready rainbow momma to her two kids, engaging in many creative projects and dressing in bright colors that make people smile.

I can’t possibly imagine giving up my expression, my sense of self, the things that make me who I am and that make me feel like a girl! I am reminded of Laura Bennett from Season 3 of Project Runway. While I doubt I could be a mom of six boys and still wear khakis and neck scarves every single day, she did inspire me to set iron-clad goals for myself for the future. If I have five minutes, I can pick a pair of well-cut jeans instead of sweats. If my hypothetical kids are zoned out in front of Yo Gabba Gabba, I can hop on the treadmill. I can swipe on mascara. I can grab an apple instead of a lunch-able. We can all throw paint and glitter around together. And so forth.

So no, I’m not a mother yet. My body hasn’t gone through all of those changes, all of that trauma, and my life hasn’t been set aside in favor of nurturing another, yet. But I do already know that if I don’t make that (small) extra effort to still take care of myself, all relationships will suffer. Simple as that. I want to stay the fit, pretty, artistic wife. I want my kids to not think I resent them. I’m sure I’ll get lazy in there somewhere, yeah. The hair may not get straightened every day, and the jewelry may take longer to get made. But you won’t hear me bragging about no longer feeling like myself.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side...

Every Relationship has Issues.
But mostly, I just used that comic because
heehee, she's wearing a frog suit :D

So a couple of livejournal friends tagged me
for the 'Always & Never' style meme.
(I liked Katers' a lot!)

After reading this quote from The Sartorialist:
"I am realizing that great personal style is made up of a certain percentage of "always" items and methods, mixed with a certain percentage of "sometimes" fashions, and a certain percentage of "nevers"."

I decided to make mine into

Always, Sometimes, & Never.


Ballet Flats: This is a style accident really, mostly due to two things. One, I worked at a job for two years that involved LOTS of standing, and I wasn't going to be caught dead in ugly comfortable shoes. Two, I am slightly taller than husbot, and it feels natural to not wear tall shoes with him. Thus I have about a million pairs of flats, in all colors, patterns, quality levels and prices :D

Black Tights: I must agree with Kater here, they really do ground an outfit. I wear lots of skirts too, and like to layer tights under shorts. Plus they're terribly mysterious.

Mascara, Blush, and Shimmer: Shopping, exploring, or even just to the gym. I often add much more, shadow, eyeliner, etc. But I never leave the house without at least these three makeup items.

Daily Jewelry: Not much, my three hoops in each ear and a charm-y necklace, of which I have many. I'm big on my white unicorn right now, pictured below.

Lovely, Airy Dresses: Nothing is more lovely to lounge about the house in. My idea of loungewear is very lacy and floaty.

GIANT Old Man Sweaters: Compfy!

General Put-Togetherness: Even if I'm wearing something a little crazy, I try to stay at least a few notches above uber casual. That's my personal goal; I'm not a snob about it. Other people want to be casual, that's fine with me! But I would have loved to have been born in an earlier era, when the daily wear of the modern woman was all chic and pearls. We're SO casual as a society. About a year ago I made a personal choice to stop waiting for a special occasion to happen to me, and dress like every day's my birthday! Even if it's jeans and a shirt, it'll be dark wash jeans and heels, and my 50's style, puffed-sleeved Social Distortion hoodie :D

Subtle Sex Appeal: I can't help trying. Maybe it's because I spent so many years feeling like The Ugly Kid or The Tragically Uncool Teenage Goth, or maybe it's just because I feel good about myself more often these days. But I like a touch of mystery and sex appeal, without venturing into vulgar territory, of course. Tights under shorts = good sexy. Words written on the butt of your teeny tiny hotpants = Trashy.


Sky-High Heels: I have no ankles. My legs are slim, so this may escape immediate notice, but I do, in fact, have cankles. Heels hide this fact. Plus, they're hot. This is a sometimes because my feet naturally turn in weird and thus I risk twisting an ankle, and I dislike towering over my husbot. But I love them, ooooh how I love them.

Upswept Hair: Normally I flat-iron my pesky waves. But recently, with my hair getting longer and having moved to a very humid area, I'm finding a nice upsweep terribly lovely and easy to control. Also pictured below.

Dark Lipstick: It doesn't go with every look, and usually not my day looks. Plus I'm allergic to most lip products. Usually I go with balm and a light shimmer. But lately, Almay has come out with some lovely darker shades. Tres Bettie Page!

Tiny Skirts: But again, only over tights or leggings. With tights = cute fashion statement! Without = I can see your butt almost!


Gym Clothes In Public: Unless, you know, I'm going to the gym. No sweat pants, no nondescript hoodies, no shapeless tees, nadda. Jeans are just as easy, folks.

Crocs, Uggs, or Neon Flippy Floppys: Yes, they're all lumped together. Because there is no point to any of them existing.

Belts: I don't know why! I just don't. Excepting the occasional waist cinch.

Anything With The Brand Name Printed ALL OVER IT: I dunno. Probably because I either find it simply a rather unimaginative form of decoration, or at times quite unclassy. I mean, I like some Baby Phat things, and the kitty cat logo is cute, but really? You want to be a walking Baby Phat billboard? Will that give your life meaning? Kay...

Newest Addition to the club!
Pullip Dolls leave me in awe,
even though I adore my Blythes best.
Their clothes have amazing detail.


So yes, clothes!
I purchased this adorable little bubble skirt
this weekend at the mall by base.
1,500 Yen, can't beat that with a stick!
(15 bucks, Americans)

I love the gingham!
And easily covered up!
I look like Sarah McLachlan here...

I've been all about the simple details,
and singlar punches of color lately.

Unicorn Necklace
by Betsy Blonde.
I LOVE it!

Peacock Tank from Forever21.
Is that not a gorgeous print?!
It sparkles!

Speaking of sparkle...
My Ruby Slippers :D
These are actually kids' shoes from Steve & Barry's.
They pinch a little, but I don't care ;)

Ew my body looks weird here.
But you can see the shoes!

This pic makes me giggle!

As you can (kinda) see,
Husbot is home for a few days!
We have had many adventures, some of them
involving space men.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Will Rise Now...

In Which We Are Terribly Trendy

This entry has a theme of trends, I fear.
I am not a trend-follower, not really.
But if something comes along that I find fabulous,
I tend not to let the fact that it's
a passing trend deter me.
I like what I like, and dislike what I dislike.
The End.

First off!
Plenty of SPOILERS!
But then, it's been out for a bit, so, you know.

I finally got to watch this little gem, and it was delightful. Of course, people like to gush on and on about what an EPIC and IMPORTANT film it is, and that’s just eye-rolly. Happily, the film isn’t as pretentious as all the hype around it, it’s quite lovely and sweet. And very long! But the kind of cozy, good-feeling long film you can curl up and get lost in, not the kind that has you checking your watch, wondering when it will end and knowing exactly what could have been left out (I do this with some of my very favorite movies, even. Like, still gotta review that, gah!).

On the day hurricane Katrina is to hit New Orleans, an elderly woman named Daisy is on her deathbed, and asks her daughter Caroline to read to her from the diary of one Benjamin Button. Benjamin’s mother, also named Caroline, dies giving birth in 1918, to a shriveled, sickly little baby boy whose bones are twisted with arthritis. Distraught and heartbroken, Thomas Button leaves his infant son on the doorstep of a senior’s home, where he is adopted and raised by Queenie, a black nurse who cannot have children of her own. Benjamin isn’t expected to live very long, but live he does, growing slowly younger as those around him grow older. He meets Daisy, the granddaughter of one of the senior residents, when she is a little girl and he is a little boy in the body of an old man. The two remain close throughout their lives, their relationship shifting as they slowly meet in the middle.

I gotta say, I’ve gotten less impressed with Brad Pitt in recent years. Good actor, sure, but the line between actor and character gets blurred and sometime I wonder who I’m actually seeing on screen. He was AMAZING in this, though, as an old man who is actually a small child, and then as a young man who is really 60, and everywhere in between. His face may look one way, but his demeanor and performance is a completely different age, and totally believable. And the makeup! Aged makeup usually takes me right out of a film, but it’s gotten brilliant as of late. Cate Blanchett is utterly, flawlessly every age she is portrayed, as is Brad. You can convince someone that you are an old woman, but a 17 year old girl also? CRAZY. And of course, it’s a beautiful movie. A feast for the eyes, to use my favorite cliché!

Plot-wise, I liked it as well. It was a simple idea, a man who ages backwards, and it didn’t need much milking either. Watching Benjamin Button’s life play out is powerful enough. Though he leaves Daisy and Little Caroline because he doesn’t want the love of his life to be stuck taking care of him, because he wants Caroline to have a father and not a brother, Daisy is there for Benjamin at the “end” of his life anyway. She is there for him as he forgets how to play the piano, how to walk, how to talk, and eventually as he falls asleep for the last time in her arms. Yes, it may be enviable in the middle of things, to get younger as your peers get older. But at the start of things, and at the end of things, we are exactly the same.

(Yes it's been out a month.
I never said I was on top of things!)

I love Bat For Lashes. I discovered Natasha Khan and her music early last year, after hearing her gorgeous cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire (one of my favorite songs of ever). I was instantly hooked. Her first album, ‘Fur & Gold’, was a dazzling escape of faerytails and Native American princesses and Halloween scary stories, used to illustrate themes of love, insecurity, abandonment and finding one’s self. What twenty-something female who still plays with My Little Pony wouldn’t relate?

Two Suns is just as dazzling! Lyrically, Natasha hasn’t changed her style or approach, and that pleases me, because she doesn’t have to! She embodies two personas on the album, herself, as well a blonde alter-ego named Pearl (but don’t worry, it’s not the scary, Beyonce-style dual personalities, hehe). Pearl is an optimistic party girl, while Natasha remains introspective. Overall the songs are a bit catchier, a bit dancier, but she’s still telling stories like a gypsy break-dancer. The story she tells is a bit more upbeat, even when she’s love-lorn. Sleep Alone is downright poppy, but still entirely, utterly BFL. Also, it’s a great album to hula hoop to.

Recently we had Friendship Day here on Ikego.
That is when the locals in Zushi are invited onto the base,
for food and music and festival-fun!
It was a good time,
with food on sticks &
traditional drumming &
Japanese people line-dancing.
However, I got a horrible sunburn.
I'm sure you'll be able to see it in the following pics.

Yesterday, I finally bit the bleach-dye-bullet.
Said trend has had me on the fence,
but I've seen some people rock it very well,
without looking like a full-on 80's throw-back.
The results!

While I like the contrast,
I am iffy on how my black tripp jeans came out.
Mostly because the bleach did a number on
their structure, puckering and the like.
But hey, they're fun!

On the other side,
I LOVE how my favorite worn-out henley
responded to the chemical abuse!
It was once black.
You'd never tell now!

This denim corset top was a recent
Yokohama purchase, I love it.
So does my husband.

It's a bit awkward over jeans and skirts,
but when I got the brainstorm
to layer it over my favorite white summer dress,
I was ever so pleased.
Am so girly!

I promised neighborhood pics, didn't I?
Oh well, those will come soon!
Right now I have to run to the post office,
buy some milk and more aloe,
clean my messy apartment,
and also email my mommy and husbot.

Am so domestic.
Also, I'll be throwing glitter around.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy