Monday, May 18, 2009

The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side...

Every Relationship has Issues.
But mostly, I just used that comic because
heehee, she's wearing a frog suit :D

So a couple of livejournal friends tagged me
for the 'Always & Never' style meme.
(I liked Katers' a lot!)

After reading this quote from The Sartorialist:
"I am realizing that great personal style is made up of a certain percentage of "always" items and methods, mixed with a certain percentage of "sometimes" fashions, and a certain percentage of "nevers"."

I decided to make mine into

Always, Sometimes, & Never.


Ballet Flats: This is a style accident really, mostly due to two things. One, I worked at a job for two years that involved LOTS of standing, and I wasn't going to be caught dead in ugly comfortable shoes. Two, I am slightly taller than husbot, and it feels natural to not wear tall shoes with him. Thus I have about a million pairs of flats, in all colors, patterns, quality levels and prices :D

Black Tights: I must agree with Kater here, they really do ground an outfit. I wear lots of skirts too, and like to layer tights under shorts. Plus they're terribly mysterious.

Mascara, Blush, and Shimmer: Shopping, exploring, or even just to the gym. I often add much more, shadow, eyeliner, etc. But I never leave the house without at least these three makeup items.

Daily Jewelry: Not much, my three hoops in each ear and a charm-y necklace, of which I have many. I'm big on my white unicorn right now, pictured below.

Lovely, Airy Dresses: Nothing is more lovely to lounge about the house in. My idea of loungewear is very lacy and floaty.

GIANT Old Man Sweaters: Compfy!

General Put-Togetherness: Even if I'm wearing something a little crazy, I try to stay at least a few notches above uber casual. That's my personal goal; I'm not a snob about it. Other people want to be casual, that's fine with me! But I would have loved to have been born in an earlier era, when the daily wear of the modern woman was all chic and pearls. We're SO casual as a society. About a year ago I made a personal choice to stop waiting for a special occasion to happen to me, and dress like every day's my birthday! Even if it's jeans and a shirt, it'll be dark wash jeans and heels, and my 50's style, puffed-sleeved Social Distortion hoodie :D

Subtle Sex Appeal: I can't help trying. Maybe it's because I spent so many years feeling like The Ugly Kid or The Tragically Uncool Teenage Goth, or maybe it's just because I feel good about myself more often these days. But I like a touch of mystery and sex appeal, without venturing into vulgar territory, of course. Tights under shorts = good sexy. Words written on the butt of your teeny tiny hotpants = Trashy.


Sky-High Heels: I have no ankles. My legs are slim, so this may escape immediate notice, but I do, in fact, have cankles. Heels hide this fact. Plus, they're hot. This is a sometimes because my feet naturally turn in weird and thus I risk twisting an ankle, and I dislike towering over my husbot. But I love them, ooooh how I love them.

Upswept Hair: Normally I flat-iron my pesky waves. But recently, with my hair getting longer and having moved to a very humid area, I'm finding a nice upsweep terribly lovely and easy to control. Also pictured below.

Dark Lipstick: It doesn't go with every look, and usually not my day looks. Plus I'm allergic to most lip products. Usually I go with balm and a light shimmer. But lately, Almay has come out with some lovely darker shades. Tres Bettie Page!

Tiny Skirts: But again, only over tights or leggings. With tights = cute fashion statement! Without = I can see your butt almost!


Gym Clothes In Public: Unless, you know, I'm going to the gym. No sweat pants, no nondescript hoodies, no shapeless tees, nadda. Jeans are just as easy, folks.

Crocs, Uggs, or Neon Flippy Floppys: Yes, they're all lumped together. Because there is no point to any of them existing.

Belts: I don't know why! I just don't. Excepting the occasional waist cinch.

Anything With The Brand Name Printed ALL OVER IT: I dunno. Probably because I either find it simply a rather unimaginative form of decoration, or at times quite unclassy. I mean, I like some Baby Phat things, and the kitty cat logo is cute, but really? You want to be a walking Baby Phat billboard? Will that give your life meaning? Kay...

Newest Addition to the club!
Pullip Dolls leave me in awe,
even though I adore my Blythes best.
Their clothes have amazing detail.


So yes, clothes!
I purchased this adorable little bubble skirt
this weekend at the mall by base.
1,500 Yen, can't beat that with a stick!
(15 bucks, Americans)

I love the gingham!
And easily covered up!
I look like Sarah McLachlan here...

I've been all about the simple details,
and singlar punches of color lately.

Unicorn Necklace
by Betsy Blonde.
I LOVE it!

Peacock Tank from Forever21.
Is that not a gorgeous print?!
It sparkles!

Speaking of sparkle...
My Ruby Slippers :D
These are actually kids' shoes from Steve & Barry's.
They pinch a little, but I don't care ;)

Ew my body looks weird here.
But you can see the shoes!

This pic makes me giggle!

As you can (kinda) see,
Husbot is home for a few days!
We have had many adventures, some of them
involving space men.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger kater said...


UM OKAY SO YOUR legs are so insane in the best possible way. They are so much hottness. That first picture of that outfit, you are so like, LONG and willowy! Ahhh, gorgeous!

Also, Rick looks like wings. Hee!

And, also, I have NO IDEA what to do with belts. I have a few that I use to like, keep my pants up, but they're such an enigma to me, unless they come with the outfit. Boo.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous PurgatorysHero said...

I find your doll attractive, I would date you know, if she's free and all, pass my name along.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to be the Devil's Advocate and speak up in defense of Uggs -- when it's a freakin' cold New England winter and there's slush and snow and crap, they're pretty cozy to stick your feet into and who cares if they get ruined? :D

7:15 PM  
Blogger kater said...

Also, these comics, where are they from? I remember them, I used to--I think--have them boomarked but now I FORGET omg.

11:11 AM  
Blogger losile said...

kater: Natalie Dee!
So weird, but makes me so happy :D

5:20 PM  

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