Friday, April 24, 2009

For Emma, Forever Ago

I know, quoting Bon Iver is sooooo indie-fad.
To offset, here's a picture of Debbie Harry.
Also, I don't care what's indie-fad.
Bon Iver is beautiful music, yo.

HEY how about some Wardrobe Project?!?!
Here are some recent Japan-y purchases.
As you can see, I have gone quite native.

Husbot picked this dress out.
He generally has a good eye for things
that will look cute on me,
and also that suit my personality.
I like it, though it's a bit flowy for something
so short. It will be worn over things.
Jeans & Shorts & Leggings.

Forgive the lame pigeon toes.
I come by them naturally, for real.
Like, I had to wear special shoes
when I was learning to walk,
that taught my feet which way to turn.

90's ballerina!
The florals are EVERYWHERE here!
Rick picked this skirt out, too!
I love it, though pairing it with things
gets tricky. Been a while since
I've worn colorful florals.

Leggings and ADORABLE ballerina socks
purchased at a nearby shop called
The Mighty Soxer.
Yup, entire store full of socks & legwear.
Cute ones, too!


Flowers & Tea!!
I was sick for most of this week.
Thus, husbot brought me flowers.
The roses are starting to brown, though :(
I shall take them out tomorrow,
and hang them to dry.

Til next we meet,

~ Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the skirt! Great ballerina look!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Adam Cecil said...

Even worse, Bon Iver is indie-fad four months ago.

4:56 AM  

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