Monday, March 30, 2009

Prose Before Slumber, I Always Say

Stuff Before Bed

Am i a joyful girl?
I think so.
When it comes to others, anyway.
I live for smiles erupting on faces
Light entering eyes and color flashing faces
Because of something I have said.
I am not selfless
I give you joy in hopes of finding my own
In hopes of drinking in your mirth
Of basking in your glow
Of rolling in your fields
Roll roll roll
Smock smock smock.
Scoot scoot scoot.
I love you and your smiling face
Whoever you are
I love making you grin
I try on your grin for the day
I try it on with a dress and shoes
As I am trying on the souls of those who first owned them
You are beautiful because I have made you smile.
That makes me feel a little beautiful as well.

~ Amy


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