Sunday, March 15, 2009

Copious Amount Of Lettuce

Today is one of 'those days'.

The kind of days that don't really support creativity, the kind of days that mock any and all attempts at leaving a pretty mark on the world, the kind of day when everyone else is eating pie, and you don't have a pie pan (*grumbles*). It is raining and cold outside, my favorite kind of writing weather, and I have my favorite writing companions, good music and a hot cup of tea...nothing. There is a half-finished painting mocking me from the living room, knowing I have the ideas but currently, no spark. There is a ring with a tiny finch on it, tweeting up at me to make it some companions, but I am a lump who cannot fit two silver links together.

Well, you get the drift.

There are two things one can do in this situation, in my opinion: Surround oneself with the beautiful creations of others, and also, dress like a mythical creature. I salute, and endeavor to accomplish both!

I dressed like a Faerie :D
Hopefully, it will coax spring along.

I laugh in the face of bad luck!
I adore that skirt.
It's a simple design,
but such a jolly green color!
It really doesn't need much more to
make a statement.

If you can't tell, there are
denim shorts under there.
I greatly love this top.
A purchase from my former shop of employ,
it is dyed many colors, and makes me
feel like a flower every time I wear it.


(I was emulating an Amy Brown pose)

The matching skirt!
Though I almost never wear the two together,
unless seriously costuming as a fae.
I love it, it looks like cabbage :D

While I am suspect of the whole
hipster over-sized-80's-t-shirt trend,
I adore this particular one.
It was a Christmas gift a while back
from my brother and his wife,
and while I've long loved the color and print,
finding a chic way to wear it
has been a challenge.
I recently cut it up, sewed it back together
in a slouchy sort of way,
and lo!

Denim skirt was a recent thrifty find too :D

Reserved for those particularly
Morgaine-feeling days!
I am a Priestess of Avalon.
Priestesses NEVER have uninspired days.
So sayeth the me.

I hope I have fully inspired you to
defy the stars as well as convention.
Go throw on a pair of wings
and get busy.

~ Amy


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