Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love And Some Verses

I've been on an Iron & Wine kick lately.
Here's some pretty!

Love is a dress that you made
long to hide your knees
love to say this to your face,
"I'll love you only"
for your days and excitement,
what will you keep for to wear?
someday drawing you different,
may I be weaved in your hair?

Love and some verses you hear
say what you can't say
love to say this in your ear,
"I'll love you that way"
from your changing contentments,
what will you choose for to share?
someday drawing you different,
may I be weaved in your hair?


Now, clothing adventures!
Beware, there is vava in this voom >.>

I recently found this delightfully spangly
Express mermaid dress while thrifting.
Twas only 6 dollars, as it needed so serious mending.
Sequins were falling off, one strap had snapped, etc.
After going to work with a needle and thread,
it looks quite nice!

However, such a fun, mermaid-y
dress that makes fun sounds when I walk
can very easily become...well...hoochie.
Still, despite it's shimmer,
it is, essentially, a little black dress.
I set out to make such a gem classy!

Eeep, I am uncomfortably appealing!
I admit, I felt good.
But not very...myself.
Even so, it's fun to glam up!
Especially when there is a husband who enjoys such things.
Plus, excuse to wear cute shawl.

Ah, that's more like it!
Quirky? Yep!
But I love it.
I feel like Amanda Palmer in the Oasis video :D

"And I think we're still goooooing...."

ZOMG, I has teeth!
I remembered this gem, too!
I bought it ages ago,
but for lack of places to wear it, forgot.
I put it on today with that belt,
and fell in love with it all over again.
All hail the Sequin!

That clutch is sparkly too!

Okay enough of that.
I slip back into my daily faery uniform!

Mmmm, wishes!

I let you see my teeth AND my feet today.
I must be comfortable
with myself, or...something.

I have been posting a lot of clothes lately.
Worry not, I have a stack of books
that need reviewing,
and I still need to write up something
about the experience that was Australia.
Til then....SPARKLE!

~ Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such a great post! What a lovely song...

I adore the second dress! It looks amazing on you!!! So jealous of how pretty you look in all those clothes.

9:58 AM  
Blogger kater said...

Holy crap, that sequined baby is one insanely hot dress, and you have the body for it! Woo!

I love the one with the long skirt, it's so graceful and effortless <333

11:40 AM  
Blogger losile said...

Why girls, you make me blush! <3

2:50 PM  

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