Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm Forever Black-Eyed

This is a short entry of random little things!
I shall have company for the next few days,
thus entries shall be few, if any.
Today is very cold, gray, and rainy.
Thus, what better time to wear black? :D
Also, I got new babies in the mail, and had to show them off!

I love this outfit.
The shirt is my favorite, it's both cuddly and stylish
with it's cute cowl-type neck :D
And the green tights are just too silly to deny.
The skirt was thrifted,
And the WONDROUS SHOES(!) are a gift from my lovely Katers :D

Ooo, skinny jeans, the terror!
This is one of those looks I'll pull out when feeling
especially like Bettie Page's slightly more well-behaved sister.
The tshirt dress was made by me,
out of an extra-large shirt from my former place of employ!
And the ruby slippers are just awesome ;)

And now, after all that vanity,
Something utterly divine.
This reminds me of FLB and Summer and
Nana and Mum and my niece Sammy.
It reminds me of Tori, for it was written for her daughter Tosh.
It is what I will read to my maybe-daughter someday.
You can find the story behind it here. ♥

Have a lovely weekend :D

~ Amy


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That was lovely... thanks :-)

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