Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Ask Alice...

Today I awoke to the sound of the moon knocking upon my door, and so I let him in and we had tea and I told him of how dearly I adored him! He kissed me then and my hair shone and my eyes shone and I started to have dreams about little men from China riding koi fish to Japan. Then my Owltapus jumped on my face and pecked affectionately at my head and wrapped a tentacle around my ear and reminded me that it was time to get up.

Tea parties are rather cliche things, plus I'd already had my morning darjeeling with a dash of Lakshmi's special sauce. Thus, Princess Leia and I opted for gooseberry milkshakes and tiny cream cheese sandwiches. OH THE ABSURDITY! Walking together afterwards, we remarked on the perils of marriage and the delight of sharing one's heart with another for all of time and eternity. Well, until one of your children goes to the Dark Side, but that is why The Moon and I shall not be raising our children on Coruscant. Nasty place, that.

My children will be born with hooves and budding antlers and a fondness for obscure New Zealand poets. I told this to The Wicker Man, and he laughed and laughed and laughed, before saying that yeah, it would probably happen. He told me stories about butterflies with Pink Floyd album covers painted on their wings, and a place where right was wrong but only on Thursdays. He told me about the time he danced with Liza and how Anderson Cooper was oh so totally straight, oh totally, only not on Thursdays ;)

I've gotta lotta crazy in my blood right now, so I'd best lay down. I have a platonic date with the Dream King, he has stories to tell me as well and kingdom full of wish. He's gonna take me on a magic carpet ride with Charlie Chaplan and Boadicea. We'll go swimming through the Solar Field with Tori ;)

You bet your life it is!

~ Amy

(Happy Rabbit Hole Day!)


Anonymous cousin tommy. said...

i love you for that last little comment about tori.

you cornflake girl!

7:59 AM  

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