Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Really Loves Him, Prescilla!

These are a scattering of images from my current collage journal.

I take such journals out when I am feel particularly uninspired. The goal is art-therapy, not so much making something deeply original or important. I gather to myself images that inspire, mix them with poetry, my own or someone else's or lyrics that I enjoy. I mix in mediums such as acrylics, tissue, torn up old books, fabric, and good old fashioned glitter and glue.

It never fails to leave me with a swirling of grand ideas, and something pretty to look at later :D

I hope I've planted the seed in your head to start something similar.
Or perhaps you could tell me, what do YOU do to stir up the creativity, when the Muse is silent and the creative brain feels listless?

Tell meh! :D

In the meantime, more YouTube funness!
I'm currently obsessed with this song, and this band. And this movie is trippyfun!

~ Amy


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