Friday, January 09, 2009

With A Gun And A Bag Of Sandwiches

(image courtesy of Brytnee :D)

1995, Rebecca Miller

I've been meaning to see this film ever since I fell madly in love with The Ballad Of Jack & Rose. Knowing that the idea for that film originated by Rebecca looking at who was left at the end of Angela made me intensely curious! My friend Brytnee reminded me of its existence this week, so I grabbed it off of iTunes and gave the pretty, disturbing, lovely little indie film a watch. Er, despite the hanging booms.

There are films, I think, that speak specifically to a certain person. It might be lost on others, but for the slinkstercool, for the quiet girl with too much imagination and too much time on her hands to spin worlds, the story speaks perfectly and truthfully. This joins my own personal list of such films, along with Marie Antoinette, The New World & The Ballad Of Jack & Rose. Angela is a ten year old girl whose mother Mae is mentally unstable. She, her parents, and her six year old sister Ellie find themselves moving often, their father unwilling to put Mae in an institution. Angela, meanwhile, is convinced that their mother's madness is punishment for the evil she believes is inside of herself...less a punishment from God than it is a trick of Lucifer, whom Angela sees at various points in the film. And so, to save their mother, Angela leads Ellie through a series of purifications she dreams up herself, desperate to feel clean and pure. In the end, Angela cannot save her mother of course, but she does, in a sad way, discover the purity and freedom she herself has always longed for.

Not for the feint of heart, but definitely for the ethereal of heart ♥.

Twilight In Italy
1916, D.H. Lawrence

So in a desperate attempt to grasp maturity, I gave this book a read when I was 16. What can I say, I was hoping a dashing professor 20 years my senior would fall madly in love with me. Ah, youth. Anyhow, predictably, 75% of it went over my head completely, as it should have. Whilst in a used bookstore last month with my husband (who is two months my senior), I found this lovely little copy and had to buy it and read it and thank heavens I did. This is a lovely, escapist collection of vignettes written by Lawrence as he wandered through Europe. Not only does he paint vivid pictures and delicious imagery (which always pleases me), but he offers what I like in my travel-reading: opinions and mental meanderings, ones I can agree with, argue with, or roll my eyes at. Excellent reading on an airplane.

I made this! Tis an antique perfum bottle with original label, which I filled with new perfume, glitter, and a couple of beads. I added a cork and chain and voila! Beauty. This one is all mine, forever and evers.

This is why I adore From Deadworry, Tis a dress/tunic...WITH AN OWLTAPUS ON IT! A bit shorter than I am comfortable with, but this is easily overcome. As you can see, it works well over leggings, and even better over jeans, or a skirt. My weirdness cannot be contained.

And now, I go to write things.

~ Amy


Blogger Tor Hershman said...

Howdy do, did ye mean 'feint' (deception) or 'faint' (weak) of heart?

Stay on groovin' safari,

5:41 AM  
Blogger losile said...

Both! :D I've been known to intentionally mix my verbs and nouns in a fashion clever only to myself.

5:55 AM  

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