Thursday, January 08, 2009

Starting Over

I've decided to clean out this blog, and start over with it. Frankly I wasn't too torn up about deleting old entries, the important ones are saved in my lj anyway. Between LJ, Facebook, Myspace and now Twitter, you hardly need another way to stay updated on my real life.

So I've decided to turn this public blog into a much more topical/superficial medium, for posting reviews of things, creative endeavors, and clothing adventures. And, of course, keeping up with my other blogspot lovelies :D I think this will be a much more motivating exercise, I like writing about what I'm working on and I hate copy/pasting the same boring entires about life everywhere. Also this will be helpful when I open my etsy shop, which I plan to do once in Japan. Hopefully you'll find my yarn/metal work worthy of the shipping prices.

The Life Imaginary is much more interesting anyway ;)
You know you prefer the brief, secretive glimpses into my writings.

Love & Frogs,


Blogger The Ethan said...

wohoooo welcome back... though your layout is having an issue here and there with overlaying text. But yeah!!!

6:48 AM  
Blogger losile said...

Haha yeah, blogspot in general seems to be having issues with images at the moment. I've tried ten different ways of correcting it, and have finally concluded that the whole site requires antacids.

6:54 AM  

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