Friday, January 16, 2009

I Dived Into You

The Secret Of Roan Inish
1995, John Sayles

This is a cozy film. The kind that makes you want to curl up with tea and soup on a stormy night and tell faery tales and ghost stories in hushed whispers. The kind of film that's so full of Ireland, my heart nearly es'plodes and I want to leave normal society and go live in a cottage by the sea. After the death of her mother and the strange disappearance of her baby brother Jamie, Fiona's father falls to drinking, and Fiona is sent to live with her grandparents by the sea. There she learns about the island of Roan Inish, where her whole family used to live and where, it's said, her first ancestor married a Selkie (half human, half seal). When one of her cousins tells her that Jamie isn't dead, just "off with another branch of the family", Fiona begins searching for him in earnest, with lovely, whimsical results.

Again, this film makes me feel magical. Like I could slip on a seal-skin of my own, and spend the rest of my life swirlling through the blue. And of course, it is beautiful to watch, and is full of beautiful music and oh so many seals. You should watch it, cause I say so.

Ah, clothes.
In case you haven't heard, it's frozen here in the North...
...and everywhere else. This dress was on sale, and it made me hopeful for warmer times and warmer countries in which I will be living soon, so I simply had to get it!
Oh Springtime in Japan, may this inspire you.

I also FINALLY found a vest that looks nice on me!
I love vests. I love this dress, too.
Not sold on the two things together, but it was a good color/backdrop to show the vest on.

Now, I am going back to my tea and knitting.



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