Monday, January 26, 2009

I Think I'll Wait Another Year.

The Ballad of Jack & Rose
2005, Rebecca Miller

I finally get around to writing my review of this one. Again, not new, but I don't care. Daniel Day-Lewis and Camilla Belle star as father and daughter, living an isolated existence on the remains of an island commune in the late 80's. Jack's stubborn way of life is just reaching the breaking point at the start of the film, in that he is dying slowly, a community developer is moving in on his land, and his daughter has reached the crucial age of 16 with a rather unbalanced view of the world. Rose is a beautiful, whimsical, and strong character, for all of her dangerous ways, she is my very favorite part of the whole film. Her relationship with her father is close and lovely, but teetering on a dangerous edge. Early on, she tells Jack that when he dies, she'll die too.

On an impulse, Jack then invites his girlfriend (whom Rose doesn't know about) and her two sons to come live with them on the island, and predictably, everything in Rose's idyllic and familiar life starts to unravel. As per usual, it was the imagery that captured me first. Rose starts the film surrounded in beauty, in her flowers and her treehouse, the grass and the ocean. Snakes creep in and trees begin to bleed sap and her hair gets chopped off and we see just how deeply the selfish turn Jack's life took has effected everything around him.

The annoying buzz around this film was the "controversial" subject matter of Jack & Rose's relationship being too close, but I have to wonder if the people who thought such actually sat down and watched the movie. It is subtle, not all that abnormal of a father-daughter relationship on the surface, and certainly nothing untoward happens. The point is that Rose has been so removed from reality, she doesn't realize how wrong it is to love him more than that. Jack ignores it for as long as he can, but the moment he is forced to face her, he is forced to face the fact that in his stubbornness, selfishness, and militant approach to his beliefs, he has hurt the only person who matters.

The semi-twist at the end made me pleased. (SPOILERS!...well, not really, seeing as we're told all through the film that Jack's going to die) In his death, Jack is able to somewhat redeem himself, in that he gives two people in his life the means by which to follow their dreams, to become complete. Rose finds her place in the world, the film ending with a new flower being planted, in a new place. It is a lovely film. I enjoy films that yes, can look at something dark honestly, but at the same time come through to a good conclusion, a hopeful ending, and a wiser main character. I'm a sap like that ;)

Creative Things!
I made a headband.
It didn't photograph well against my natural hair, however, being that my hair is dark brown, the band is black sequins, and the feathers are...well, feathery! So I threw on one of my wigs, and got all carried away. What fun!

I do enjoy odd fashions.

For the visual among us, I have a We <3 It account, if anyone who does also would like to be friends :D
My Heart
Until next time, don't step on the dolphins.

~ Amy


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