Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Seein' Ghosts In Everything I Do

The next few days are going to be quite busy,
as I head back to Virginia, finish up all my stuff, and get ready for Japan in
(hopefully) March. So entries may be sparse the next week.
Not that I have hordes of readers, but, ya know.
People worry.

I've been in an Eastern mood as of late.

I'm a big fan of the curved bar.
Likely because I am a big fan of collar bones.
They're pretty!
Amber pendant, bar, beads, coins.

Terribly Western.

Obviously, I am keeping this one.
I do so enjoy Lakshmi.
Also, I added a charm Rick bought me in Guam,
and earrings from India that broke some time ago.
Some of the beads are from a power bracelet I got in Chinatown, NYC
when I was 16. Ah, those trips into the City, how I will miss them.
Wait, I'll be taking trips into Tokyo soon. NVM.

For future sales. And Yes, most of my friends have tiny, tiny wrists.
Now, back to packing.
How is it that I have so much STUFF?!

~ Amy


Blogger kater said...

That first necklace is kind of awesomly amazing!!!!

12:47 AM  

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