Saturday, February 07, 2009

All The Statues In Town Came To Life...

Hullo Blogland, It is I!
I had expected to be up and updating sooner, but, well...
Germs had other plans.
The good news is, I am medically cleared for Japan!
The bad (and mildly ironic) news is, I have an epic cold.
It has kept me from bounding off of the couch and unpacking these boxes of art supplies and jewelry-making tools.

My dear husbot sent me a present, and if you know me at all, you will understand just how joyous it has made me, in spite of my gold medal winning nose.

Cordelia Coraline :D

Now, not only is she a boon and dear to my doll-collecting heart, she is the perfect size for testing out my newest venture, being crocheting, as you can see. I find with this particular hobby, it's easier to start small. That's fancy organic homespun yarn she's wearing.

Until next time, be ethereal :D


~ Amy


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