Friday, March 13, 2009

My Dolly, My Folly...

No Line On The Horizon
U2, 2009

Okay so, I'm not a good reviewer, at least when it comes to being unbiased. I like what I like, I don't like what I don't like, and try to tell you why. I say this now because, when it comes to U2, I am VERY biased. I really don't think my generation on the whole appreciates this band, at all...and understandably so. For most of you, With or Without You is that pretty song that you were sick of hearing on soft-rock radio by the time you were 10, and All That You Can't Leave Behind made you want to smash your head against the wall when you were 15. And yeah, Bono can get old. But you really should do your homework, and recognize, yo.

My experience is vastly different, for one key reason: I have older siblings. I have a big brother who remembers when The Joshua Tree was released. Before everyone's mom was humming along with Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, I was listening to Achtung Baby on the way to the skating rink, hands in mittens, frost on glass, tiny rust spots on a tiny black car, The Edge's guitar riffs reverberating through my chest. Hearing that guitar is sense memory for one plays that guitar that way, no one else is as distinct to me. I hear the opening of In God's Country, and I am eight years old again, my mouth stained with cocoa.

A little bit older, and I am 13 and have realized that The Unforgettable Fire is just about the coolest album ever made. Ethereal and vast, meaningful and beautiful, I steal my brother's cassette tape and play it 'til it shreds. It's still the best album for me to write to, it reminds me of the first days of my burgeoning writing bug, those guitar strings my muse.

...Erm, anyway. That's just to set the stage, heh. And to say to my peers, you're living in the less-than-awesome U2 years. Go out and buy Achtung Baby, The Unforgettable Fire, War, and then get back to me.

As for the new album, No Line On The Horizon...well, I find myself liking it much better than How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, though we'll have to wait and see if any songs become favorites. I will say that at the opening chords of the first track, I was grinning from ear to ear. THERE was that sound, that blend of Edge's guitar and Brian Eno's mixing, it was familiar and new at the same time, just like I hope a new album by any artist I love will sound. The first few songs are all like this, which I think was a wise choice. They're beautiful and ethereal and I couldn't stop moving. The last few songs are much the same, yet quieter. The middle of the On my third listen-through before reviewing, I skipped through them >.> I'm not a big fan of rocking-dance-mix-U2, at all. As for their lyrics...they feel very disjointed on this album, less clear, less pointed. Perhaps it will require more ponderation, but usually my first instincts on a song's lyrics are the lasting ones, and I'm not very moved to love or hate any of them. Which is rather disappointing.

Overall, MUCH closer to not just what I like about U2, but what I enjoy about any band: A vast and beautiful soundscape. And oh Edge, for all the ups and downs, you have never failed to please. Not a favorite, not by a long shot, but the title track and Moment Of Surrender will definitely be showing up often on my LastFM.

Now for some music I definitely love dearly! The new video from Bat For Lashes, Daniel :D

Daniel - Bat For Lashes

And now, Dolly Fashion!
I unapologetically enjoy dressing like I am 12.
Deal. :D

I've had this knit dress for a long time,
and I love it, but I've never been
totally pleased with how it looked,
over black slips or tops.
And then my dear Katers sent me
this delightful vintage slip, and it clicked!

Now, one is much more able to
appreciate the detail of the dress itself,
in a tasteful, subtly smexy way, I almost sounded fashionable there.

I am petulant!
Click for bigger, I just really wanted
my socks and shoes to show :D
I have a decided lack of dress pants
in my wardrobe...this is mostly due to
having grown up in an area that does not
truly grasp the concept. I fear the
stretch pant as I fear few other things.
I am getting over this! But til then,
I stick to my favorite grey cords.

It is almost getting to warm for this!
Still, I adore that sweater.
And it's PINK! Goodness.

Alright so, dilemma!
I bought these shorts on a whim last year,
As they have such SUCH cute buttons!
And they look good on me, only...
I am not a short-shorts girl, at all.
Old fashioned modesty ideals aside,
just, no.
Til now, I've only worn them over a
bathing suit, which was cute.
And then Lo! Tights!

I am hopeful.
This may be my plane-ride-to-Yokosuka
outfit, even.
I am saluting up top :D

This is the choker I'm wearing.
Coming to an etsy near you!
(yay shameless self-promotion!)

Now if you'll excuse me, I must do my
daily workout, followed by perhaps a
viewing of Pride & Prejudice!

~ Amy


Blogger sophia said...

i can understand that U2 has done a lot in their career, and they were/are pretty awesome. i can't (never have, never will) get past how much of a douche bono is though. he completeley turns me off to listening to them at all. i was watching 120 minutes on vh1 classic, enjoying older videos that are pretty awesome, and u2 came on. i had to put it on mute.. because i didn't want to start stabbing things.
sooo. i'm sorry i can't enjoy u2. very much not my style of music, and bono is a douche.



your outfits are adorable as always!

6:36 AM  
Blogger losile said...

Haha but see, at least you KNOW you don't like them, at least you know WHY you can't listen to them, why you can't stand Bono, etc. And while I love them, I get the reasons why others don't, and respect your opinion.

But every time I hear a kid my brother's age say something like, "Oh yeah, that band, with that song, god i'm sick of that song." It's like...gaaaah you're discarding an important piece of music history without evening giving them a proper listen XD THIS IS WHY SO MUCH NEW MUSIC SUCKS NOW. *smacks cane against rocking chair*

And teeheehee fanks luv :D

6:51 AM  
Blogger kater said...

YAY slip! It looks lovely with the black dress :D I really love the outfit with the sweater, it is so warm and light and like, SOMETHING. There is a mood that it is, like effortless girls with long limbs hanging out on plush couches in front of windows with spindly branches reading BOOKS. That. yes.




11:51 AM  
Blogger losile said...

That may be the best compliment EVER :D And that is exactly how it makes me feel, like I can wrap up in it and read for ages and aaaaages.


12:43 PM  

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