Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Things! (Image Heavy)


The sun is shining, but all is cold.
And while I am still finding
creativity to be a slippery thing,
I am finding myself muchly inspired.
Clothing, art, music, storybooks.
So here are some peoples/things that
have been shaping my springtime!

Natasha Khan

Like, duh.
Not only have I fallen madly in love
with Bat For Lashes, the musician endlessly
inspires. I want her wardrobe.
All of it.
I also want her singular confidence
and creativity. All of it.
I mean, the woman painted
Daniel-san on her back :D

Devendra Banhart

Big fan of all his music ever?
Not really.
But I do want to steal his wardrobe
also. And move into whatever
gypsy caravan he fell off of :D


This spring is full of kid's books,
illustrated fairytales and wishing for wings.
Faerie Tale Theater and enchanted sleeps.
Oh wait...that's every springtime for me.
I want to dress like Snow White
and Little Red Riding Hood, every day.

Tori Amos

Also, duh.
She is the perennial Muse,
in every persona, with every album.
She is kooky and empowering and ever so magical.
I want to live in her garden.

Mike Ness

For as ethereal and whimsical as I like my music,
every now and then I crave things
straightforward and honest and still beautiful.
Especially when everything is waking up,
in the sunlight when my eyes are heavy
and my soul needs a little shaking up.
Social Distortion does that for me.
Plus, their frontman is a work of art,
with a huge heart.
His music is on the soundtrack to every spring.


My current obsession is
blackcurrant black tea.
It fulfills my desire for both fruity flavor
and unforgiving caffeine intake, WHEE!

Also, Iron & Wine continues to
dominate my iTunes.
I thought this was pretty, if short.

Some fashiony randomness!
The sweaters slowly shed off,
the tights almost too warm,
and the colors almost ready to change.
but not quite.

I am not a fan of my face today.
Thrown on, sweaters over frills.

Newest etsy purchase!
I love these shoes.
And this little dress.
Better pictures of it when spring is full.

I crave fried green tomatoes.
So I am going to go make some.
You're all beautiful and I dig you!

~ Amy


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