Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tell Me A Fable...

Today shall be full of storybooks!
Reviews, anticipations, and
dressing like Alice!
Wishing to be the Witchy Forest Woman
in the most mysterious cottage!
Let us go forth!

Well, I'll be fair, I picked up this book for probably the same reason Sharon Lathan wrote it: we all like to imagine what came next! Darcy & Lizzy of Pride & Prejudice have one of my very favorite literary romances, it is likely yours as well. The book is a romantic classic and the blue print for 90% of romantic comedies. So naturally, I figured if an author were allowed to expound upon such well-loved characters, surely the book must be quite good indeed!

Meh, not so much. In all fairness, I was impressed with her talent for capturing Lizzy's character, Darcy's, only usually. The language was well-used, though when it slips, it very obviously slips. I really enjoyed their conversations, and reading of Lizzy taking on the responsibilities as Mistress of Pemberly. But basically, this is just smutty fanfic. Well-researched, enjoyable smutty fanfic, but fanfic nonetheless. Fluffy, with too many new characters and without much depth or conflict, and not even coming within a mile of the original writing. But hey, if you're in the mood for fluff and rather exhausting romance after watching one of the film versions of Pride & Prejudice, this is your best bet. It's still better than Twilight*!

(*I've read Twilight three times. I'm already rereading this. I am proud of neither fact.)

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
1972, William Sterling

Apparently, this isn't a very popular adaptation. And while I agree as far as it not being my favorite film version, I still found this quite delightful! Fiona Fullerton plays a very sweet and pretty Alice, the costumes for the animals are all beautiful and imaginative, and the weirdness permiates! I wasn't terribly fond of the soundtrack, the songs were a It was a short film too, considering the source material, and I found myself missing muchly the Walrus, Jabberwock, momeraths and oysters. However, it is still a very pretty and rightfully surreal little film, perfect to get lost in whilst engaging in some other artistic pursuit. I was knitting!

And now for things I greatly anticipate!

Where The Wild Things Are
Spike Jonez, October 16th, 2009

OMG So Excited!
It looks so whimsical and magical
and floaty and weird!
Let us hope this becomes the norm!

Alice In Wonderland
Tim Burton, March 5th, 2010

Do I even have to tell you WHY?
I don't care if Johnny Depp + Tim Burton
has become a gimmick.
Amy plans to attend in costume.

And now, Wardrobe Proect!

I am quite fond of this look!
I had forgotten about that cute little
blouse, and was wary of the higher waist.
Both work well on me, I think!
And the white stockings + black shoes
make me smile too.
Of course, I do somewhat look like
Alice as a 50's Houswife...hmm...

Dena gave me that vintage apron :D
Spoon courtesy of Betty Crocker.


These witchy babies are a
recent purchase from
my new favorite Etsy seller!
She's also a pretty awesome friend.

Come soon, spring!
This dress is one of my favorite
Free People purchases.
So many things about it make me happy.

Impatient Witch!

I leave you with a short film by Tim Burton!

Have a safe St. Patty's Day!

~ Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the jabberwocky is from "Looking Glass" but it is sad that they left out the Walrus and the Carpenter tale.

And the Free People dress is so PRETTY

6:03 AM  
Blogger losile said...

This is true, but it is still so iconic-ly Alice, it surprised me! Even the Disney version found a way to slip it in XD I did sorely miss those cabbages and kings...

Thank yous! I would live in my Free People stuff all the time, if I could :D

6:23 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Donna Reed, eat your heart out!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I'm so excited, that "where the wild things are" is finally coming out! =D

12:42 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

You've inspired me our next lit book shall be Alice. The girls were asking for something not gloomy after The Scarlet Letter followed Kristin Lavransdatter. So Alice it shall be, we may even do Through the Looking Glass as well.

Iconic-ly Alice, huh? Do I catch the tone of someone who may be a fan of Elizabethtown where Drew talks about a last look being iconically Claire? Or is it all your own phrase?

12:45 AM  

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