Wednesday, April 01, 2009

If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky

Pretties & Happy News, Huzzah!

First things first.
My new favorite film...or at least,
it goes on a very, very long list.

The Fall
2006, Tarsem Singh

In an LA hospital in the 1920's, Alexandria is a little immigrant girl who fell from an orange tree in the grove where her family was working, and broke her arm. Roy is a film stuntman, who also fell during a dangerous stunt trying to win back his girlfriend. Without the use of his legs and without the woman he loved, Roy is ready to throw in the towel, so to speak. Alexandria wanders into his room, they become friends and he starts telling her the most marvelous story, in hopes of coercing her into stealing morphine for him. We see the story Roy tells through Alexandria's vivid imagination, a beautiful riot of colors and characters. The story parallels real life more and more as it goes on, becoming darker as Roy loses hope, and more beautiful as Alexandria illuminates his days and worms her way into his otherwise crushed heart.

I love it. Love, love, LOVE it. For one, the filming and cinematography is gorgeous. The story is imaginative and clever. If you need a frame of reference, think Wizard of Oz meets The Cell Cuaron's A Little Princess. It made me sniffle, but it also made me smile a lot, and my mother would approve of the ending (for those who know what qualifies as a happy ending in her book, that was a spoiler). I am a little puzzled as to why it is rated R...there are some scary images and some violence, but not graphically so. Perhaps it was a safety precaution? For though the main character is a very small child, it's definitely not a movie for the very little kids (I would have been able to handle it at about age 10). Anyway, for those who care about such things, don't let it keep you away. It will make you feel vibrant to watch :D

And now, Clothes!!!

Vintage shoes & top,
aquired from Violet Folklore
Check them out :D

And proof that I am not all lace
and gothy cobwebs...I don't think
I pulled it off very well.
But man, I sure do love my purple boots :D

Sparkle! Sparkle!

Mmmmmuch more comfy.
My dear Kater got me hankering
for a good and proper Remus Lupin sweater,
plus, I miss the days when I would steal
such things from my older brother.
After scouring a bit on etsy, I found this cozy bit!
Bought at brugmansia
However, I feel I look less like Remus,
and more like Tonks wearing Remus' sweater.
Still good!

Feather handband!
Birdcage necklace!
Both made by me.
Neither shall be for sale!
But I shall probably make more...

This shall be a busy week.
Hopefully my house will be clean
and packed up soon, as I leave for Japan
in 11 days! Exciting!
Also full of heartburn!
But I also have more pretties set
to arrive in the mail before I go,
so there will be entries a plenty.
Til then, I find ways to settle my nerves.
Like limeaide. Mmmm.

~ Amy


Blogger Amber said...

I need to watch The Fall. Now. Not least because Lee Pace is in it, and I adore him. Utterly dreamy.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Mermaid said...

That movie looks amazing. It must be if David Fincher is presenting it. I will see it asap.

12:53 AM  

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