Monday, April 20, 2009

Domo? Domo. ...Domo? Argh.

So, still have no camera.
Or rather, no way to get my pics off my phone.
When one is all up for a visual blog,
this becomes an annoying problem.
Worry not, I am working on it!
Also, I've taken tons of pictures of Yokosuka
and the many adventures had thus far.

In a quick update:
We bought some awesome furniture,
Yen isn't that difficult,
My Japanese is hysterical,
The clothes shopping is heavenly,
and Blythes are easier to find & afford.
Rick just bought me a Friendly Freckles, in fact :D
And the vending machines TALK TO YOU.

Rick goes back out to sea for the summer/most of autumn
May 19th. Boo. Hissss.
But we've gotten to be together, and this is our home.
A real, long-term, settle-in home.
These are happy things.

And soon, you will see pictures of awesome things!

~ Amy


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your blog is feel good

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