Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Don't Wanna Take Advice From Fools...


So I just recently saw 'A Scanner Darkly'. Which, while being a beautifully done film, will take, I think, a few more viewings before I give it a proper review. And of course, now I want to read the book. It was a bit much to be hit with all at once, but now, sitting here, thinking back on it, I really want to watch it again. Very thick film. Robert Downey Jr. and Keanu Reeves are quite enjoyable, though I'm not sure if Woody Harrelson had to do any acting for his part...

Japan adventures are grand! Some shopping has taken place, as well as working out, and opening my windows to enjoy the lovely weather. Also, I've worn clothes.

I love that shirt.
Shirt: K-Mart, X-Large, chopped up by me :D
Capris: GAP
Wedges: Murasaki Sport

Are they not adorable!?

I fear neither shorts
nor unseasonal sweater usage!

Am so pale.
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Both tanks: Old Navy

Outside of a big Sanrio store in the
Yokohama Landmark Tower!
I look so so silly.
But Hello Kitty?
She looks oh so pink and sparkly.

Hmm, I should also review the Doctor Who
Easter special, shouldn't I?
It was good!
Just made me oh so sad at the end.
The Doctor is getting oh so sad in this incarnation.
But review it I shall, once I get up the motivation
to watch it again, what with it's bitter-Doctor ending.
Until such time, here!
Have a saptastic Doctor/Rose fanvid!
(S4 spoilers for people named My Sister...and Kerri!)

Until Next We Meet,

~ Amy


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