Thursday, May 07, 2009

Entry #50: Love Angel Music Baby in a Hong Kong Garden.


So the last couple of weeks have been interesting,
in the personal life. The husbot is out to sea,
in a rather spotty manner.

(Actually Very Big Aircraft Carrier)

I, meanwhile, have been busy with
making the apartment into a home, and also
getting to know the country I now live in.
How to get around, communicate, etc.
It's been grand fun!
But leaves little time for watching/reading
new things.
This is changing though, as things
slow down, become more comfortable,
and of course, I am sans-husbot *sigh*
But for now,
mostly pictures of real life things!

He is out to sea now too.
Taken for Tea & Armageddon.

I am so in love with it.
I've wanted a four-poster canopy ALL MY LIFE.
Love love love.

Matching dresser!
Also love love love!

Drawers full of all my crazy/handmade
jewelry. Love love love the black velvet.

Yes, the rumors are true.
Have become one who daily works out.
I cannot wait until my new dance hoop arrives,
and my workout hoop & I are reunited.
No more stringy squishy Amy.

My express shipment arrived.
Reunited with my clothes, oh the joy!

What *I* wear grocery shopping.
I'm trying to get up the courage/language skillz
to ask random people on the street
if I may take pictures of their outfits.
I think once I do, it will make for some colorful content!

New perfumes!
Don't judge me for wearing Britney Spears.
I LOVE the scent, and so does Husbot (on me).
I saw the new Curious bottle,
with it's pretty PINK squeezey bit,
and had to has.
Also, Harajuku Lovers 'Baby'
And the bottle is a cute little chick!
Oh dear...

Happily full closet!

All dolled up!

So yes,
I have a stack of books again,
and time to myself again,
so content will be more consistent again.
Next entry, I'll show you pics of my neighborhood!
There are some lovely shops nearby.
Tonight, though, I am going to
make some tomato soup and watch Dune.
You know the one.

Here, enjoy some Bat For Lashes.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger LNA said...

Great pictures Amy. Thanks for the undate. LOVE the bed set!! and seeing you in workout clothes. You go girl!!!

6:56 AM  

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