Friday, January 27, 2012

Va-Va & Also Perhaps Some Voom

Girly Things

Okay SO!
My first entry of substance shall be...well.
Wonderfully shallow ;)
I have some great ideas lined up for the future,
including ruminations on life in Japan,
detailed accounts of places visited,
creative ventures (I'm making a cookbook!),
and health/beauty products.

We'll start with something light and easy to digest!

A snapshot of what I've been using for makeup.
I'll have a full tutorial of my daily/going out faces.
Here's what I wore for these shots!

I hardly wear any cover-up. A smudge under my eyes,
over any pimples that might be popping up,
but that's all. I take good care of my pale skin,
and try not to clog it up. A bit of powder is
usually enough.

On my cheekbones I'm using a blend of a
Smashbox fusion and blush.
Fusion alone, with my coloring, is rarely good.

Oh, my eyes!
Light of my face!
I'm using Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer in Potion,
and good lord, it's wonderful
Your shadow WILL NOT MOVE.
I will warn against using it with most of UD's
own shadows, oddly enough, as it sets
like concrete and can be very heavy and irritating.
Used with most drug store brands though, and
especially loose powder, I swear by it.

I've been rocking a cat eye almost all the time,
and generally use L'Oreal's Telescopic liquid liner.
The shadow here is Rimmel London Glam Eyes
in Smokey Blue.
Under my eyes, over a smudge of cover-up,
I brush on a pale pink from Smashbox.

False lashes are almost a MUST in Japan,
and for a white girl who loves rockabilly/pinup style,
this is wonderful. I don't care if it'll be a little
edgy/kooky back in the states,
style isn't fun if you look like everyone else.

On my lips I'm wearing Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer,
in Champagne. Often I like bright lip color,
but with eyes this smudgey and bold,
I like them to be the focal point.

Here's a bit of chronicling for the

Wardrobe Project: LBDs

Every woman should have a little black dress!
This is an age-old rule, one we all know well.
I like twisting it around though.
I've featured my far more demure velvet number
in the past, here are the more recent and daring!
All of these were bought for our trip to
Singapore back in October.
Sadly it got cut short by the Navy,
so hustbot didn't get to see them all on me.
He will now!

LBD 1:

This little thing is actually 3 layers.
Bottom layer: Plain black
Middle: Gold sequins,
Top: Sheer striped lace.

20$ dress from Forever21,
paired with my Jessica Simpson heels.
Hur-dur I feel smexy.


LBD 2:

Also from Forever21!
I am such a cheap gal.

Crinkly and black,
Worn with my Boudoir heels.
They match my hair!

Spangly Crinkly!
I was wearing this one whilst eating on
the boardwalk in Singapore, when shore patrol
came up and informed us that the
USS. George Washington
was leaving port early to help out Thailand.

Octopus Necklace!
Onyx and Silver,
Husbot bought me this at Underwater World
on Sentosa Island.
I pretty much wear it constantly :D

LBD 3!

I love this one.
Much as the gathery zipper can make my
tum look awkward!

H&M, I forget how much.
Likely not very ;)

Getting back into the swing of this!
Next week I'll be taking pictures for a step-by-step
guide to My Crazy Hair,
when I freshen up the color again.

Also I have a good long love letter to Japan to write.
I do so hope my readers are still out there!
If not, hello void, you're looking quite handsome!

Til Next We Meet,
~Amy <3



Blogger Haggie said...


Welcome home, I am also trying to get back into mine .... perhaps yours will remind me :D

9:41 PM  
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