Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Run With The Devil...

Before anything else,
to everyone who left such nice comments
on my last (big) entry :D
You warm my strange little heart!
Also, you're all GORGEOUS ;)

Now, entry!

The Girl At The Rock Show

Am I a girly-girl? I suppose so, by some
standards, at least.
I love my fashions, I heart makeup,
I collect creepy, huge-eyed dollies!
But there is another side to me,
a side that meshes with the girly side flawlessly
in real life, though in clothing, it does not always
translate as well at all.
I speak, of course, of my inner-rocker-chick.

Music has always been fundamental to
understanding the Me.
And while my tastes morph and evolve,
at the end of the day I am still a sucker for
a guitar, a set of drums, and an earnest voice.
As a teenager, music was my translator.
Old school Goo Goo Dolls and The Smashing Pumpkins
and Joy Division and Weezer.
And while lately I have gotten ever so tragically
indie and cooler-than-thou,
the formula remains,
along with my fondness for Skin Art.

But again, how to translate this fashionably?
I've never had trouble altering band t's,
or looking like the proper rock star girlfriend
(I was one for a while, after all)
but 'classy' isn't a word one often prescribes
to such looks.
More often, one looks as if
Hot Topic threw up all over them

Then again, Debbie Harry and Patti Smith
have never been anything but class.
(And Courtney Love is her own form of classy)
I've already experimented, as you may have seen,
what with my Blondie and my Siouxsie t's.
This season, I try in earnest!

We start with some boots...

Are they not the best things EVER?! :D
Forever21, of course.

Harry & The Potters T-Shirt.
Oh yeah, I wanna wrock ;)

Faithful military jacket,
Maurice's, long ago.
Patches include The Wards, LZ, & Bowie.

Can't touch this.

Demure? Maybe.
I would also like to bring to your attention
Tiny Black Shorts:
just one of the many gifts Japan
has given the world.
For the girl who likes the fashion-aspect of short skirts,
but not the potential skank-aspect!

Top: JC Penny's, forever ago
Skirt & Studded Cinch: Japanese Mall

Studs came back in force this year,
as anyone who follows any blog anywhere knows.
This has been a boon to the confused rocker girl!
Easily give any outfit that much more edge.

Denim Mini: Potentially pushing it,
as far as the class-factor goes.
However, how can you deny SD?

Top: Banded Dress, chopped by me.
Necklace: Local shop, altered by me.
Skirt: Thrifted, chopped by me.
Belt: Local shop
Social Distortion Hoodie: Gift from galpal.

Also starring!
Guitar Earrings: Japanese mall
Lo Sunglasses: Hot Topic, ages ago

In creative news,
I've eased back into jewelry making,
starting with the altering of this darling
little charm.

This came with a blouse I purchased,
and I adored it,
however I cannot wear gold.
I am a winter through and through,
gold looks awful on me.

We engage in a bit of jiggery-pokey...

Viola! Silver.

Accomplished: I is it.

And while we're at it,
Here's a dash of music for you!
Now, I have some sushi with my name on it.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it! I absolutley adore classy rocker chick looks, and I was ecstatic when I learned that studs are back in fashion...thank you cirque collection via Forever 21 for adding fuel to my own rocking fashion fire. You look adorable my dear.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Funny, I came first in jiggery-pokery. At any rate, all of it's lovely! I've never been able to pull off the rocker look.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

Very nice! You surely know what looks good. oh and by the way, I read on your facebook that you are working out? Good for you, but you have nothing to lose! You look great!!

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Ava-May Hemme said...

The rock chick look is gorgeous. And I love the striped top/skirt outfit- you have a really great face and style for the Sixties look.
I love your blog so much!

6:04 AM  
Blogger losile said...

Lorelle: Thanks Loffely! :D Forever21 is godly, it's true, long live the studs XD

Emily: It got much easier once I made my own sonic screwdriver! :D

Shannon: heehee thanks deary! I'm not trying so much to lose, as I'm trying to stay toned and build healthy weight and muscle. I do have a little bit of a pooch-tummy too :P

Ava-May: Thanks! And welcome! I am glad you enjoy :D

8:39 PM  

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