Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabits...

Things & Stuff

So a little of this,
A little of that!
I've been up to a lot of little things,
and have seen/read some fun things too!
the next few entries will be peppered with 'em.

Henry Selick, 2008

Despite my great love for Neil Gaiman, I didn't see this film until the other night. Mostly due to the fact that when it was released, I was stuck in Norfolk, with few transportation options and NO friends. Sadface. But now it is on dvd, complete with fashionable 3d glasses! So I bought, and watched, and only mostly enjoyed, sadly.

Coraline Jones has recently moved into a new (old) house with her parents. Stressed with their latest project, her parent's are often high-strung and neglectful, leaving Coraline to her own devices. In her boredom, she discovers another world through a little hidden door in the sitting room, a world just like her own, only wonderfully improved. As such stories often go, however, the perfect world, seemingly made just for Coraline, is more treacherous than it seems.

As I said when reviewing Harry Potter, I try and take a reasonable approach with books-to-films. Even so, I was disappointed by how...mainstream the original story was made to be. To be sure, it was just as creepy as the novel, and all the important plot points and themes were there! But I don't know. Coraline is much more mature for her age in the novel, while still coming across as a kid, that is why it transcends ages. And while she does have some cute moments, and is certainly brave, the main character is just as much of an obnoxious bored kid as any other in any other kid's movie. It made me sad, as did the overall silliness-factor. I know, it was crafted to be more marketable...but why, asks the geek? :P

Even so, I enjoyed it overall. The music is beautiful, and the stop-motion animation is BRILLIANT and gorgeous, the 3d aspect really adding to the experience, as opposed to being a gimmick. It was just scary enough for a young audience, while keeping an adult entertained. Read the book first, though.

Skin Deep

Brought to my attention by the fabulous Gala Darling, who wrote the forward, Skin Deep is a beautiful collection of poetry pertaining to ink and those who love it. A cornucopia of authors each bring a unique perspective on the art of tattooing, the many, many reasons why people get tattoos, and the simple beauty a good tattoo can possess. I read the entire collection on a train ride to and from Yokosuka today, a truly ethereal experience. You can purchase Skin Deep for 6$ US here: Etsy Ahoy!

I am a ring person.
I recently found the Ace of <3's ring
at a shop in Yokosuka,
along with many fun little
Alice in Wonderland treats.
The green-stone ring was my Nana's.
And of course, the wedding rings :D

Random shots before going out,
in the pouring Japanese rain & humidity.
Yeah...I did not look this good
when I got back home.


T-shirt and tights: various shops in Yokosuka
Vest: Yokota
Wellies: Target
Shorts: Forever21

Next Entry,
Blog survey, Grey Gardens,
And looking like an Easter Egg :D

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger purchasewoods said...

Hi Amy: This is your 2nd Cousin on your mom's side - Linda Lewis - Young here. I throughly enjoyed reading your blog. Are you enjoying Japan? I intend to go back through your entires. Look for me to pop up again. I use the same inspirational methods. lol!



6:22 PM  
Blogger losile said...

Hiya! I am indeed, it's lovely here :D I enjoy your blog as well!

7:15 PM  

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