Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby, It's You


Death Proof has nothing to do with this post.
Except for the fact that I am
watching it right now.
Also, it's a freaking awesome film.
Hooray for girls in fast cars,
beating the ever-loving crap out of a psycho!

Yesterday, some friends and I went to
Yunessun in Hakone,
A spa/hot spring in the mountains of Japan.

The ride through the mountains was...interesting! Exceedingly beautiful, as the mountains are ridiculously green and it was a rainy, misty day. Scary, because: GIANT buss + tiny tiny roads. We arrive in one piece though. Yay buss drivers who know how to buss.

We arrived at the spa and got our most awesome wristbands, which open lockers and pay for food & drinks with a single wave of one's wrist! The spa had many indoor and outdoor hot tubs/springs, as well as kid-friendly areas, and nude areas! (we did not venture into the latter though) There were water slides and delightful robes and delicious, scented stone pools outside. The coffee-scented pool was rocky and bubbly, the wine-scented was deep purple, with a GIANT wine bottle fountain. The Green Tea spring was very large, and yes, bright green, with a very large teapot floating above in the trees! I was reminded of Katers :D

And these were all outside, and it was a perfect cold, rainy day too, which is great hot spring weather! Cool drops are falling on your head, while steam rises around you and up into the trees. Guh, the mountain was so beautiful.

Also, there was a special pool you could dip your feet into, FULL of tiny fishes!!! :D :D :D They nibble all the yucky bits off of you toes! Oh, how I squealed and giggled with ticklish glee!

Here are some lovely pictures,
taken by my friend Ingrid.

Buss ride.
Obligatory peace sign.
When in Japan...

Awesome Robes!
I am wearing a cover-up,
due to my tattoos.

Oh Engrish!

Kiddie Area!


I died in the coffee.
Much like an insect.


My new friend, the Yunesun Mascot.
I enjoy him.

And in clothing adventures,

The Story of Skirt

My husbot is very attentive,
especially when it comes to gifts.
In fact, he keeps a list on his computer,
of things I've mentioned I like.
(I know, you all hate me and are jealous.
I must use this power only for Good.)
A while back, I mentioned how much I like
pretty much EVERYTHING on Hunters & Gatherers.
However, most of their stuff remains in my,
"Want it, will never afford it" file.

And then, when I FINALLY had a date for
my move to Japan, Rick decided to celebrate by
picking out this Skin Graft skirt for me :O
All by himself!
I was quite, QUITE enthralled.

After a long wait,
Two postage mixups,
and a new address,
the skirt at long-last arrived in Japan!

It's an interesting piece.
Gorgeous, and I love it, and love styling it.
It will be even more fun in the winter,
with thick stockings and such!
(Right now I wear black booty short under,
to avoid any unnecessary flashing)

For now, here are some things I am trying out.

Girly, understated.


Girly, costumed.

I need white gloves!

Steampunk, understated.

Think of it as Office-Goth!

Steampunk, costumed.

Am 19th Century strumpet!
I love this skirt, SO HARD.
Nice choice, Husbot :D

And in other weird-fashion news,
I has these cowboy boots :D

And I LOVE them!

Rather Faye Valentine-esque!
They make me happy.

That is all for now!
Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger Sara said...

SOOOOOO jealous of coffee and blue cowboy boots!!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous I Wants To Be Steampunk... said...

If I was a girl I'd be soooo jealous of above outfits...oh what the hell, I'm still jealous.


11:51 PM  
Blogger LNA said...

wow great spa place --sooo jealous!!

8:45 AM  
Blogger Mermaid said...

Wow this post is amazing! I am loooooving the skirt.

10:59 AM  

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