Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sprout & The Bean

Raindrops & Denim & Accessories

This week was a venture in two things
I have never been all that good at,
Rain Gear and Good Jeans.

Now, it's the rainy season here in Japan.
Typhoons are not unheard of,
though here near Tokyo Bay, one is pretty safe.
Water, water everywhere.

After much searching,
I came across these lovely Wellies
from Target, via Amazon.
They has little red birdies!

I dig, I definitely dig.
I also enjoy this outfit, and wear it often.
Top from Delia's, YEARS ago.
Skirt a thrifted and chopped find.
Goldfish necklace via Paraphernalia


New Bag!
I love the NEX, I really do.
Hooray for tax-free shopping ;)
Mondani, faux snakeskin, on sale, etc.

Ah do declayah.

+ Funbrella!

All together now!
I love my yellow B.Moss raincoat.
It has been my friend for many years.

Okay so, I saw these tights
at The Mighty Soxor, and had to has.
Very Amanda Palmer Oasis Video.
UO Shorts (pyramid studs by me),
Shirt found in the kid's section at Goodwill.
Can't wait to wear this outfit
with the sky blue cowboy boots in the mail.

Favorite SD Shirt, bar none.

So, jeans and I have been having a
complicated relationship as of late.
Mostly due to the fact that I no longer belong
in the junior's department.
At least when it comes to pants.
Such pants are made for girls with no hips.
Or, girls who believe the best way to attract
is to wear things skin-tight to said curves.
Girls, no.
Even if you are skinny, this will make you
look not so.

Tired of looking like my bum was ten
feet wide in jeans,
I finally sucked it up and went to the Levi's
display in the missus section, and... wasn't scary!
Yes, Mom-jeans live there.
But so do good jeans!
With many, many size options!
One pair of long, straight leg, size 2's later...

I look my proper size!

+ Candie's Boots :D

Substance in the near future!
Until then,
Here, enjoy some Social Distortion.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


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Blogger Sarah said...

i LOVE that purse

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Blogger Mermaid said...

I don't know why but I think my google reader has been skipping out on some of your posts lately. I clicked your blog and found I had missed so much!

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