Saturday, June 20, 2009

And You Are Starry Starry Starry...

Days Of Costume

Japan is an interesting study in personal style.
I suppose when you're in the States,
looking IN on J-fashion,
it may be kind of hard to "get".
But being here,
seeing a million men in suits,
and a billion kids in school uniform,
it makes PERFECT sense to see
the crazy shades of neon on the weekends.
Lives are so uniform, so compartmentalized.
Frankly, it's quite beautiful :D

Now, stuff!

The Life Before Her Eyes
2007, Vadim Perelman

Diana McFee is 33 years old, and leads an idyllic life with her husband and young daughter in a lovely home with a gorgeous, flowering garden. She has the job she always dreamed of, a good marriage, and her daughter is going to a good school. All this should be making her happy, but as the 15th anniversary of her own High School's shooting draws near, Diana finds her own sanity slipping with (what appears to be) survivor's guilt.

The movie flashes between Adult Diana (Uma Thurman) and Teenage Diana (Evan Rachel Wood), and we are shown her troubled teenage years in vivid detail, as well as her relationship with her best friend, eternal good girl Marueen (Eva Amurri). Marueen is a good student, with a crush on a good Christian boy, who wants to get married and have lots of babies and be a good mother to them. Young Diana was the trouble-making weed-smoker who had an abortion and whom no one thought would amount to anything, save for Maureen and one teacher. As the film goes on, one is reminded that as much as the choices we make as a kid still define us, our past is something that should make us stronger, smarter, and that we should not feel we have to pay for it for the rest of our lives.

The film leads up to a twist I totally wasn't expecting, that some people didn't like, but that I personally think makes the whole experience all the more poetic and heartbreaking. This was a great film, even if it's very sad. It was exactly the sort of film I needed to see too, as someone who often lets the past get the best of her, even though life is great right here and now. It's a powerful watch, I highly recommend! Also, I love Evan Rachel Wood, even if she does tend to stick to Sullen/Troubled-Girl roles. She's wonderful, and so is Uma, who is so gorgeous in this. Go watch it.

Starry Starry Starry!
Liquid Eyeliner Adventures for LOFNOTC.
(if you have to ask, you'll never know)

This past week I've been going through
the clothes that were in boxes in our shipment.
I realized I had some cute things!
Behold, The Forgotten Dresses!
One costumey,
One casual,
and One Snazzy.

This dress is a bit big on me,
but I love it!
Very apropros, I think.

Of course, me being me, I had to add
The Lightsaber.
Mara in Jabba's Palace, clearly.

I bought this some time ago at Old Navy.
It makes an excellent bikini cover-up,
but also makes a really nice day dress!
Plus, it makes me feel as if I am wearing
The Van-Trapp family's drapes!

So much PRINT!

At long last, here it is,
The Monthiversary Dress,
Picked out by Husbot at Macy's
for our ONE month wedding anniversary,
last year :D

Kinda va-va.
May also contain some voom.

Not sure how that happened...

Fringed shawl from my sister,
I believe.
Where will I wear it again?
No idea!
But I will wear it again...
Perhaps for the two-year anniversary,
in New Zealand ;)

And then,
here's me,
Daily Outfit,
Cleaning the house on a Saturday!

No frills.
Well, a few frills.

Next entry, perhaps I will review True Blood.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


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I loved the life before her eyes. I adore Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood.

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