Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nuthin Muffin!

Lazy Summer

Entries have been a bit sparse,
due to a lack of excitement,
and a break in the addition of new clothing items.
The 4th was a fashion delight,
I'll have pictures of that outfit hopefully soon.

Otherwise, summer is lazy!
Working out every day,
and then lazing about,
pool-side or sushi-bar-side.
Also, writing stories and taking pictures
of Blythes in fun places!

Still, I find some time to read good things,
and rent some delightful films.


Oh where to begin on this one? Well, let's just say, it was a good idea that went somewhat awry. In a world where there exist certain people with special powers, The Division hunt them down and try to turn the more talented into weapons, by boosting said powers, which has proven entirely unsuccessful. That is, until one girl, played by a very uninteresting Camilla Belle.

This movie had lots of potential. The characters are mostly interesting and likable (minus Camilla Belle), their powers are very cool, and portrayed in an interesting way, and the premise, while not original, has enough unique flavor to be exciting and stand on its own. Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans are both believable as their characters and have a great back-and-forth, and Dakota's normally nerve-grating maturity actually is endearing in this role. Also, the setting is great! Hong Kong doesn't get nearly enough screen time these days.

Okay that's enough of the good stuff. I usually enjoy Camilla Belle, but in this movie she's just really, really boring. The love story is contrived and isn't believable for a minute, the dialogue is more corny than is strictly required of an action film, and 90% of it is dubbed, which never sounds good. The plot was predictable, I had the whole thing figured out halfway through (and I'm usually surprised by the obvious, I am loathe to admit). And did I mention the corny, non-ironic dialogue?

Still, it's a fun flick...I liked it. I'm glad I didn't buy it, though.

Garth Nix

I have read these books oh, probably five times each since discovering them at the age of 18. I really don't want to write a check them out ;) The perfect fantasy trilogy for the person who DOESN'T like the usual fantasy cliches. Wonderfully original series!

Okay so how about some typical blog fodder, hmm?
My skin has been acting great lately,
so I thought I'd participate in the
Polyvore Skincare Meme
that's been going around...

Shower: I usually buy a generic, moisture-rich, scent-free bodywash, and then mix it with my favorite Bath & Body Works shower gel. I love their scents, but their products dry out my skin! Thus the base bodywash. May not sound cost-efficient, however, I stock up on my favorite B&B scents (Japanese Cherry Blossom & Warm Vanilla Sugar) right after Christmas, during their massive sales. I have enough B&B products to last me a year.

Face: Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser daily, and St. Ives Apricot Scrub twice/thrice a week. My pores, I cannot show you them! ("My pores are tiny, my pores are cute!!" ... I miss Daria)

Lotions: Skin milk all over, Pond's Dry Skin Cream on the face nightly, and I baby my tattoos with some pure Vitamin E lotion. Helps them stay bright, and fights any sun damage that may get through the sunscreen.

ETC. Coppertone, DAILY! I am very pale, I will never tan, I do not want to be tan. Living in sunny Japan, I must be especially careful. I wake up in the morning, and I put on sunscreen, every day. Also, I know it's become the cliche, but it really is true: More water in the body, better, healthier skin. I have noticed a big difference, since I started working out daily and thus drinking LOTS of water.

Next Entry,
Harry Potter Costumes
Hopefully More Stuff.

I leave you with this picture of me,
in my awesome new LOFNOTC shirt.
Altered by moi, of course.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger Swift said...

I certainly hope you are remembering to get a fair amount of vitamin D in your diet. A little sun each day sands sunscreen would do it, but if you're having to be constantly slathered in sunscreen might I suggest a couple of tsps. of cod liver oil daily? Your bones will thank you when you get old and your eventual babies will be healthier before that.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Swift said...

Whoops that was supposed to be sans sunscreen. Sands sunscreen sounds like a great product for a Riviera beach! That's what I get for trying to type in French!

11:30 PM  
Blogger losile said...

You should see the pile of vitamins I take! A multi, then cod liver oil pills (yay for not having to taste the stuff), b-12 for my blood, and some extra E. I'm thinking some extra calcium might not be a bad idea either...

9:42 AM  

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