Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pearl's Dream

There's a place I must go
There's a place I must go
It's not a place I have seen
But I’ll get there in a blue dream

Down the ocean road
Past a sign that says 'Good Love Town'
Into a darkness where the stars do drown
But a star in me needs to be free

So I'm a little under the weather.
I had a wonderful rock-themed entry
that I've been wanting to do for a while, alas,
the idea of running around putting on clothes
is currently as appealing to me as
walking outside in this humid,
earthquake-ridden summer heat.
But it shall be saved,
as I have been plotting an entry on
how to fashionably pull off
Rocker Chick Chic
for a good while now.
I will, after all, always be at heart,
The Girl At The Rock Show.

Anyways, a short little entry of substance!
I've gotten back into the swing of polyvore,
and I am ever so pleased that I have.
Autumn is coming soon,
(not soon enough for my boiling New Englander blood)
So here is a recap of the summer's
personal trends,
and those to come in the future!

I am not a summer-dresser.
Thus, there were a lot of new items in my closet.
Shorts returned after a long absense,
and more age-appropriate graphics.
(Star Wars, of course, knows no age)
Bright color is my friend now, huzzah!
Those studded Forever21 flipflops are of the gods.

Fall, of course, is another story entirely!
I shall not have to buy nearly as many new items,
as I keep the classic lines in my closet always.
Which is wise, I think, as trends come and go,
and thanks to Forever21 can suppliment cheaply.
Tweed skirts and denim are forever!
I can't wait for those boots to arrive in the mail,
My faithful black military jacket cannot
wait to leave the closet.

Aaand my current face!

Lash Blast: Totally lives up to all the hype.
I have learned to not fear color on my eyes,
and have recently ordered some dazzling colors
from Lime Crime.
I do whatever Gala tells me too :D
I use clear mascara to set my eyebrows,
and have discovered the wonder that is
liquid eyeliner. Oh my gawd, use it!
Those aren't my brushes, but I have a similar set.
I cannot stress how much nicer shadows,
concealer, etc. go on when using a proper brush!
Just remember to shampoo them gently once a week!

All right, enough foofera!
I must go medicate myself and curl up on the couch
watching Project Runway.

Next Entry,
how to be the classy rocker chick :D

Until then, Trailer!
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus!
For those unaware, Heath Ledger's last film.
After his death, Collin Farrel, Jude Law, and
Johnny Depp stepped in to complete his scenes,
and donated all of their salaries to Heath's daughter,
It looks just as beautiful as it should.

'Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


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