Monday, July 27, 2009

You Come Out At Night...

Movies To Meditate To

A break in the regular blogging, for random.
Generally, I enjoy my escapism and immersion.
I'm the mean person who hates when people start
talking during the film ;)
And yet, there are times when I am home alone,
and need inspiration and an ambiance in which to
write, paint, create something, or just let
my many scattered thoughts settle.
Here are my very favorite films to think to.

Marie Antoinette

Of course, Sofia's films are all dream-like,
which is why two of them are on my list.
Not only is the imagery to die for,
the 80's shoegazer soundtrack is lovely.
I am in love with this film and it's soundtrack.
And I really feel for Antoine.
Good if one needs to feel especially girly.
Also fun to eat sweet things whilst watching.



A girl falls into another world, what could be better?!
This film is like walking through a sketchbook,
so beautiful and strange, a plot we've seen before
in a world that doesn't exist anywhere else.
My love for Neil notwithstanding,
this is an amazing and wonderfully magical film.
It always makes me want to draw, as well.



The Broadway soundtrack, while dear to me,
does not come with moving pictures ;)
I put this movie on when I'm having writer's block,
or when I need a huge shot of optimism,
straight to my veins.
The music gets me dancing around the living room.
Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.
It also brings me happy memories of times with Dena.


The New World

I have been known to drift for days through this film.
A gentle, long, meandering story, the images
take me to the woods behind my parents' house again.
The love story breaks your heart softly,
and then builds it up again, making me want
to write something romantic and epic and memorable.


The Fellowship of The Ring

Perhaps it is because I've seen it so very many times,
and have read the book almost as many times.
I cannot drift during the other two, I get too caught up.
This first chapter, however, is a welcome companion
on long cold nights with a mug of cocoa, as I enter
Jo March-mode, and write for hours on end,
the lovely music in my ears and the world of Middle Earth
just on the edge of my vision as I do.
Beauty incarnate.

(my favorite extended scene)



Every since this film was shown to me,
it has been on my list of meditation companions.
A very long film to sit through and watch,
but it cannot be long enough when I am developing
new and interesting characters.
This film is ridiculously gorgeous, the closest
I've ever seen live action come to looking like an anime.
Go buy it. With subtitles, if you must ;)


Lost In Translation

Where would I be without this film?
Oh wait, I'm living it, sans a neglectful husband!
This one makes me feel like I can curl up in it,
or wander the world like an invisible Scarlett.
As with all of Sofia's films, the soundtrack
comes across as an old friend, dear and comforting.
A good late-night-surfing-the-interwebz-movie.

What films do you like to meditate to?

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy


Blogger Mermaid said...

I haven't seen a lot of these. I love Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation.

I'm going to take some of these recommendations because from what I've seen so far, we like similar movies. You are the reason I watched The Fall and I just love it.

4:04 AM  
Blogger Pansy said...

Ooooh, wonderful wonderful choices! I haven't seen a couple and will have to check them out.

5:41 AM  

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