Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast...

Autumnal Frivolity

...Wait, there was no lovin' this summer!
Oh well, anyway...
This month has been a month of adventures!
To start it off, this thing came back in port...

Bringing along with it,
This fellow!
(and his iPod touch)
((note our new translucent bed curtains!))

Much love happened!
Along with yummy meals for Husbot,
D&D games, merry parties with friends,
rather sloshed Rock Band sessions,
and general lovetasticness,
as well as a couple shmultzy blog entries ;)

Happily, I shall bring us back to a
materialistic and somewhat shallow place!

Wardrobe Project!

Slowly, it becomes chillier in Japan.
Happily, I do not NEED any new jackets this year!
What with the return of the military jacket,
and the constant relevance of leather,
I am set for all occasions.
I will picture them all for you!

Brown Leather.
I scored this for 15$ at a Thrift Shop.
I still can't get over it.
The leather is like BUTTER.

Nothing trumps leather.

And for more demure days,
My dearly beloved cloak coat!
Old Navy two years ago,
still adorable, in my opinion.

Little Doom Riding Hood.

I call this my Chav Coat.
For days when I'm just in That Mood.
Tan corduroy, this jacket is actually
quite thick and deliriously warm.
But oh, so very Chav-tastic :D

Yes, it's lined with Pink Satin!
Don't worry, it was thrifted for only 5$!


A Favorite,
This Coat was bought from Delia's
two years ago, I believe as a Christmas Gift
from my awesome mother!
Wool, warm, but not bulky.

Side note, in case you were wondering!
Here I am in Lime Crime eyeshadow,
which I seem to have become a walking advert for.
I was asked three times today about it,
and that was just grocery shopping!
I'm wearing Pompadour here.

And finally, my trusty Black Leather.
I've had this baby since I was, wait for it, 14.
Which makes it nearly ten years old!
Still going strong, still supple,
still badass.
Because it's BLACK LEATHER.

May it last ten years more!

it's still not QUITE cool enough here
for Jacket Weather.
Summer is having a last hurrah,
with lovely cool breezes
and lingering, sweet-smelling flowers.


Shall be getting back into regular
weekly blog entries of varied content,
Now that Husbot has returned to work,
and the creative brain cells have been stimulated.

'Til Next We Meet, My Loves,
~ Amy


Anonymous Melissa Dominic said...

i'm loving leather more and more these days...

12:05 AM  

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