Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby, It's You


Death Proof has nothing to do with this post.
Except for the fact that I am
watching it right now.
Also, it's a freaking awesome film.
Hooray for girls in fast cars,
beating the ever-loving crap out of a psycho!

Yesterday, some friends and I went to
Yunessun in Hakone,
A spa/hot spring in the mountains of Japan.

The ride through the mountains was...interesting! Exceedingly beautiful, as the mountains are ridiculously green and it was a rainy, misty day. Scary, because: GIANT buss + tiny tiny roads. We arrive in one piece though. Yay buss drivers who know how to buss.

We arrived at the spa and got our most awesome wristbands, which open lockers and pay for food & drinks with a single wave of one's wrist! The spa had many indoor and outdoor hot tubs/springs, as well as kid-friendly areas, and nude areas! (we did not venture into the latter though) There were water slides and delightful robes and delicious, scented stone pools outside. The coffee-scented pool was rocky and bubbly, the wine-scented was deep purple, with a GIANT wine bottle fountain. The Green Tea spring was very large, and yes, bright green, with a very large teapot floating above in the trees! I was reminded of Katers :D

And these were all outside, and it was a perfect cold, rainy day too, which is great hot spring weather! Cool drops are falling on your head, while steam rises around you and up into the trees. Guh, the mountain was so beautiful.

Also, there was a special pool you could dip your feet into, FULL of tiny fishes!!! :D :D :D They nibble all the yucky bits off of you toes! Oh, how I squealed and giggled with ticklish glee!

Here are some lovely pictures,
taken by my friend Ingrid.

Buss ride.
Obligatory peace sign.
When in Japan...

Awesome Robes!
I am wearing a cover-up,
due to my tattoos.

Oh Engrish!

Kiddie Area!


I died in the coffee.
Much like an insect.


My new friend, the Yunesun Mascot.
I enjoy him.

And in clothing adventures,

The Story of Skirt

My husbot is very attentive,
especially when it comes to gifts.
In fact, he keeps a list on his computer,
of things I've mentioned I like.
(I know, you all hate me and are jealous.
I must use this power only for Good.)
A while back, I mentioned how much I like
pretty much EVERYTHING on Hunters & Gatherers.
However, most of their stuff remains in my,
"Want it, will never afford it" file.

And then, when I FINALLY had a date for
my move to Japan, Rick decided to celebrate by
picking out this Skin Graft skirt for me :O
All by himself!
I was quite, QUITE enthralled.

After a long wait,
Two postage mixups,
and a new address,
the skirt at long-last arrived in Japan!

It's an interesting piece.
Gorgeous, and I love it, and love styling it.
It will be even more fun in the winter,
with thick stockings and such!
(Right now I wear black booty short under,
to avoid any unnecessary flashing)

For now, here are some things I am trying out.

Girly, understated.


Girly, costumed.

I need white gloves!

Steampunk, understated.

Think of it as Office-Goth!

Steampunk, costumed.

Am 19th Century strumpet!
I love this skirt, SO HARD.
Nice choice, Husbot :D

And in other weird-fashion news,
I has these cowboy boots :D

And I LOVE them!

Rather Faye Valentine-esque!
They make me happy.

That is all for now!
Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sprout & The Bean

Raindrops & Denim & Accessories

This week was a venture in two things
I have never been all that good at,
Rain Gear and Good Jeans.

Now, it's the rainy season here in Japan.
Typhoons are not unheard of,
though here near Tokyo Bay, one is pretty safe.
Water, water everywhere.

After much searching,
I came across these lovely Wellies
from Target, via Amazon.
They has little red birdies!

I dig, I definitely dig.
I also enjoy this outfit, and wear it often.
Top from Delia's, YEARS ago.
Skirt a thrifted and chopped find.
Goldfish necklace via Paraphernalia


New Bag!
I love the NEX, I really do.
Hooray for tax-free shopping ;)
Mondani, faux snakeskin, on sale, etc.

Ah do declayah.

+ Funbrella!

All together now!
I love my yellow B.Moss raincoat.
It has been my friend for many years.

Okay so, I saw these tights
at The Mighty Soxor, and had to has.
Very Amanda Palmer Oasis Video.
UO Shorts (pyramid studs by me),
Shirt found in the kid's section at Goodwill.
Can't wait to wear this outfit
with the sky blue cowboy boots in the mail.

Favorite SD Shirt, bar none.

So, jeans and I have been having a
complicated relationship as of late.
Mostly due to the fact that I no longer belong
in the junior's department.
At least when it comes to pants.
Such pants are made for girls with no hips.
Or, girls who believe the best way to attract
is to wear things skin-tight to said curves.
Girls, no.
Even if you are skinny, this will make you
look not so.

Tired of looking like my bum was ten
feet wide in jeans,
I finally sucked it up and went to the Levi's
display in the missus section, and... wasn't scary!
Yes, Mom-jeans live there.
But so do good jeans!
With many, many size options!
One pair of long, straight leg, size 2's later...

I look my proper size!

+ Candie's Boots :D

Substance in the near future!
Until then,
Here, enjoy some Social Distortion.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

And You Are Starry Starry Starry...

Days Of Costume

Japan is an interesting study in personal style.
I suppose when you're in the States,
looking IN on J-fashion,
it may be kind of hard to "get".
But being here,
seeing a million men in suits,
and a billion kids in school uniform,
it makes PERFECT sense to see
the crazy shades of neon on the weekends.
Lives are so uniform, so compartmentalized.
Frankly, it's quite beautiful :D

Now, stuff!

The Life Before Her Eyes
2007, Vadim Perelman

Diana McFee is 33 years old, and leads an idyllic life with her husband and young daughter in a lovely home with a gorgeous, flowering garden. She has the job she always dreamed of, a good marriage, and her daughter is going to a good school. All this should be making her happy, but as the 15th anniversary of her own High School's shooting draws near, Diana finds her own sanity slipping with (what appears to be) survivor's guilt.

The movie flashes between Adult Diana (Uma Thurman) and Teenage Diana (Evan Rachel Wood), and we are shown her troubled teenage years in vivid detail, as well as her relationship with her best friend, eternal good girl Marueen (Eva Amurri). Marueen is a good student, with a crush on a good Christian boy, who wants to get married and have lots of babies and be a good mother to them. Young Diana was the trouble-making weed-smoker who had an abortion and whom no one thought would amount to anything, save for Maureen and one teacher. As the film goes on, one is reminded that as much as the choices we make as a kid still define us, our past is something that should make us stronger, smarter, and that we should not feel we have to pay for it for the rest of our lives.

The film leads up to a twist I totally wasn't expecting, that some people didn't like, but that I personally think makes the whole experience all the more poetic and heartbreaking. This was a great film, even if it's very sad. It was exactly the sort of film I needed to see too, as someone who often lets the past get the best of her, even though life is great right here and now. It's a powerful watch, I highly recommend! Also, I love Evan Rachel Wood, even if she does tend to stick to Sullen/Troubled-Girl roles. She's wonderful, and so is Uma, who is so gorgeous in this. Go watch it.

Starry Starry Starry!
Liquid Eyeliner Adventures for LOFNOTC.
(if you have to ask, you'll never know)

This past week I've been going through
the clothes that were in boxes in our shipment.
I realized I had some cute things!
Behold, The Forgotten Dresses!
One costumey,
One casual,
and One Snazzy.

This dress is a bit big on me,
but I love it!
Very apropros, I think.

Of course, me being me, I had to add
The Lightsaber.
Mara in Jabba's Palace, clearly.

I bought this some time ago at Old Navy.
It makes an excellent bikini cover-up,
but also makes a really nice day dress!
Plus, it makes me feel as if I am wearing
The Van-Trapp family's drapes!

So much PRINT!

At long last, here it is,
The Monthiversary Dress,
Picked out by Husbot at Macy's
for our ONE month wedding anniversary,
last year :D

Kinda va-va.
May also contain some voom.

Not sure how that happened...

Fringed shawl from my sister,
I believe.
Where will I wear it again?
No idea!
But I will wear it again...
Perhaps for the two-year anniversary,
in New Zealand ;)

And then,
here's me,
Daily Outfit,
Cleaning the house on a Saturday!

No frills.
Well, a few frills.

Next entry, perhaps I will review True Blood.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Limping 'Round On Pagan Holidays...

The Time Has Come

To chop off the hair.
Frankly, this saddens me, but it can't be helped.
Much as I love my hair long and flat-ironed,
it simply doesn't agree with
the Japanese weather, not at all.
Generally, you see me pictured inside,
in my nice air-conditioned apartment!
As soon as I step outside, however,
all that crisping is for not.
The humidity grabs ahold of my French-Irish locks
and twists them for all it's worth.
Not pretty. Not at all.
And it's only getting HOTTER here
in the Land of The Rising Sun.

Happily, I have the name of a stylist.
Plus, Husbot likes short hair on me.
Still, I was a bit lost on what to do.
I want something I haven't done before!

Then I saw this lovely girl
in the Sartorialist:

Will it work on my head?
With my face?
Who knows!

Here's me, currently.

And for those who never saw,
here I am when I had my FAVORITE short cut,
dyed midnight blue :D

Loved it.
Perhaps I'll just be daring
and see what happens.
It's just hair!
Plus, worst comes to worst,
fisherman hats are all the rage here ;)

Entry of substance soon.
Full of books and things.
For now, I'm tired.
It was a hard weekend, emotionally.
Being far away from Family
when Bad Things happen isn't fun.
But there is life to be lived.
And hair to be chopped.

Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy