Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hold This Thread As I Walk Away...

Sweaters And The Boob Tube

And thus, she was sans-romantic companion once more!
He'll be back shortly though, never fear!
Until then, I admit to filling (part of) my time with
some truly quality television.
Yes, between military-provided cable and the internet,
I've not missed much, entertainment-wise, from the States.
Though frankly, some I would be quite happy without.
(For goodness sake, can't I go one viewing of
What Not To Wear without seeing
Jon & Kate during the commercials?
Great, you had lots of kids,
big whoop, you're still both EPIC TOOLS.)

Ahem, anywhoo >.>

I'm a very picky person when it comes to my entertainment.
I like to be challenged to think, or enter another world,
not simply zone out for 45 minutes.
Here are a handful of my favorites,
current, canceled, and across the pond :D

~ Dollhouse ~
FOX, Fridays

Feminist, Creator of Buffy, and Downright Hilarious Guy, I love everything Joss Whedon does, ever. However, when I heard last year that his next project for tv was going to be about Programmable Humans, who can become whoever you need, for a price, I was a bit taken aback. But I stuck with it, and was not disappointed. Yes, it is a horrific prospect: That your mind can be erased, and replaced with the personality and memories of someone else, for the gain of another. It's supposed to be frightening, and we follow Eliza Dushku's character, Echo, as she lives this life and slowly attempts to discover who she really was before, and who's trying to reach out for that person.
Of course, your mind automatically goes to the obvious (escorts), and FOX's marketing isn't doing anything to dissuade that notion, along with the impression that it's all guns and explosions, in typical FOX style. But that's not it at all, this is a wonderfully introspective, funny, clever, and heartbreaking show. People need all kinds of other people: The perfect hostage negotiator, the perfect midwife, the perfect confidant, the perfect bodyguard, the perfect spy. The Dollhouse can provide you with all of these things, and Echo has been all of them. The first few episodes of season 1 are sub-par, but stick with it, and you'll find yourself deeply connected to these characters, and marveling at the ability of the cast to become someone new every week.


While we're on the subject of how much FOX sucks, I give you another Joss Whedon masterpiece, one that got canceled after only one incomplete season. The episodes were aired out of order, the network had no idea how to market it, and it slipped away before we had a chance to love it fully. However, thanks to die-hard fans and the wonder of DVD, we at least got people's attention well enough to get a big budget studio film afterwards! It was recently brought to my attention that there are STILL people out there who've never experienced the wonder of Firefly, for shame!
Mal Reynolds is the captain of Serenity, Firefly-class spaceship, in a distant future in which humanity has been forced to find a new solar system to thrive in. The Allied Planets will try to strip you of your independence and make you another cog in the machine, while the Outer Planets are almost too untamed for civilized life. Serenity's crew flies along the raggedy edge, staying in the air on odd jobs of every sort. Things get a bit more complicated when they pick up two fugitive siblings, one of them holding in her mangled brain a deadly secret...hijinks ensue!! Terribly hilarious, another amazing cast, go buy the series DVDs and then watch the movie, and wonder how the world could have missed out on such a great show.

~The Big Bang Theory~
CBS Mondays

Yay another one still on the air! Husbot and I started watching this after I found out that Wil Wheaton was doing an episode this season (Hello, geek much?). And oh my goodness, not only is it hilarious, I actually feel smarter when I watch it. Try saying that about any other half-hour sitcom. The plot is fairly simple: Pretty Girl of Average Intelligence moves in across the hall from two massively smart yet socially inept scientists. One is madly in crush with her, while the other has the emotional range of Mr. Spock, if he were part-machine. Hilarity ensues! And, despite the Pilot episode making you wonder if the series was just going to play into stereotypes all the time, the jokes actually never get old! It helps that the writers are actual massive geeks themselves. Watch, laugh, and try to teach yourself to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. (I've tried. Lives were nearly lost.)

~ Doctor Who ~

With a big break between seasons, now is the perfect time to get yourself caught up on the last four seasons of the 'new' series, before season five kicks off with the 11th Doctor. Buy the DVDs, download shamelessly, whatever you see fit to do, it's all worth it! Join the Last Time Lord of Gallifrey as he traipses through time and space, with only the very best of human companions. Fall in love with Rose, get your heart broken when she's gone (briefly), fight aliens, ghosts, werewolves, robots, and everything in between! Do I really have to explain why this goofy, fantastic show is worth watching?! For heaven's sake, it's been running since the 60's. Clearly, they're doing something right.

(omg DW + Tori Amos = :D)

However, a good plot and characters one connects with
aren't all I enjoy in my television, not at all.
I've found a fair few style muses whilst watching,
in fact!

Adele DeWitt

She comes across as potentially evil, true.
Still, she rocks a pencil skirt and killer heels
like nobody's business. She's the reason I braved
the high-waisted skirt, and I'm ever so glad I did.
I wish I could have found more pictures,
some of her outfits are to die for.

Kat Von D

Okay, so she's hopelessly self-involved.
Or maybe TLC is portraying her in that light, idk.
Either way, she's still drop-dead gorgeous, with her own
distinct and amazing style.
Sure, not all of us can pull off bikini tops and
low-rise jeans at work, but she did inspire me
to become more daring with my makeup,
trying smokey eyes and bright colors, with success.

Sheldon Cooper
The Big Bang Theory

Statement t-shirts are a style don't for chicks,
across the board.
However, when lounging around the house,
I'd still like my statement tshirt to tell the world just how
clever and geeky I am!
So thank you, Sheldon, for making me revisit for all my nerdy-shirt needs!

Charlotte Charles,
Pushing Daisies

Chuck may have the most adorable wardrobe
in television history.
50's-cut dresses, bright colors, vibrant prints,
and candy-colored pumps that are to die for.
She got me embracing color this summer, happily so!


Alas, summer is over, so I give you
Wardrobe Project
Sweater Edition!

I love me a good, snuggly,
form-fitting yet functional fuzzy sweater,
these are my most trusty:

I've pictured this one before,
pink shrug of cuteness!
TJ Max, ages ago.

Husbot's favorite!
I quite like it as well.
JC Penny's, two years ago.

Old Navy sweaters never fail me,
but this is hands-down my favorite.
So dowdy it's delightful!

Ahhh, my newest love,
from Victoria's Secret.
They don't get enough fashion props,
their sweaters this season are gorgeous!

So snuggly, and ridiculously soft!
Plus I'd never seen another sweater this style,
it makes me feel pretteh :D

Now I go to rest...this day has been weirdly
exhausting, I barely had the motivation to
finish this entry!
What has become of me?!
I blame all the running I've been doing.
My legs want a holiday.

I leave you with this lovely bit of love.

Awww :D
As always, links for images of not-me
can be found at My Heart

'Til Next We Meet,
~ Amy