Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yellow Eyeshadow Rarely Pays Off Anyway...

Okay Okay let's see....

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
2008, Peter Sollett

I know, something mildly mainstream, GASP! I actually really enjoyed this flick, and by really, I mean entirely. Nick has been dumped by the cute and utterly vapid Tris. Tris is pseudo-friends with Norah, who is pretty and quiet and has fallen in love with the mix cds Nick sends to Tris in hopes of winning her back. Nick and Norah run into each other in New York City while on the hunt for their enigmatic favorite band, Where's Fluffy?, and adventure ensues!

This is a terribly sweet film, in that it feels real and funny and painfully familiar to anyone who's ever been both madly in love with someone, and madly in love with music. I actually like Michael Cera in this, his awkwardness is endearing and appropriate and part of the world he is put in, as opposed to Juno, where it just felt like a gimmick (and I loved Juno. But you have to agree, some things felt quirky just for the sake of being quirky). Kat Dennings is perfect as the girl who is so used to being overlooked, and Tris...well, let's just say I saw more than one perfectly sane guy friend become a blithering idiot for that cheating ho of a girl during highschool years.

I'd almost lost my faith in the genre, I really had, the last good teen movie that had any sort of HEART was Can't Hardly Wait, in my opinion. Then Juno and this gem came along and made it in the mainstream. Now, if all those cheerleader flicks can start bombing, balance may yet return to the Force.

Creative things! I haven't made jewelry in a while, there's a lot going on. I have started customizing my Blythe though, and that's an enjoyable hobby. This is for those out of the loop, my friends who collect as well, you can go about your business. I enjoy documenting projects!

One of the big reasons people like Blythe is because she's perfect for customization. There are individuals who will buy her for the sole purpose of photography, and/or turning her into a piece of art. Seriously, browse the interwebz and you will see just how creative people get. Me, I am a beginner! And today I successfully sand-matted my girl.

What sand-matting is.


This is how a Blythe face looks to start.
Even with my fuzzy camera phone, you can see how shiny the plastic is.
Not good for photos, and not a good base for custom paint/pastels.


Oh dear.
With paper protecting her eye-mechanism, I fear that poor Cici looks like
The Corinthian! O_o


As you can see, now her finish is much softer,
her yellow eyeshadow and blush are gone,
And I can now create my own custom face!

The point? Well, it makes me happy to make pretty things :) I won't bore you with her new handsewn wardrobe, though.

Now, I do believe I desire another avocado sandwich....omnomnom....

~ Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed N&N's Infinite playlist as well! I just wanted to throttle Tris SO many times for being such a backstabbing skank!


7:55 AM  
Blogger Adam Cecil said...

Surprisingly enough, those dumb cheerleader movies are bombing. I think people are realizing that it's much more profitable to have a smaller and more dedicated fanbase to a particular movie that will buy stuff relating to the movie, in this case - the book and the soundtrack, as opposed to trying to make a mass-market film. The only case these days that mass-market films and buying loads of shit really works is with children's films, and even that these days is getting harder.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Rick Blaine 2.0 said...

I liked Can't Hardly Wait...and Nick and Norah may get people to buy the book but what it should do, is get people to watch the Thin Man series, which the main characters are named after.

10:37 AM  

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