Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valley Of The Doll...

More Adventures In Doll-Altering!

Or Dolltering, if you will.
Having sand-matted my Blythe's features,
I then tried my hand at pastel makeup,

The girl does so enjoy her scarves!

Plain plain plain.
I don't want to try painting her lips just yet.
Plus, I want to keep her looking child-like.
Well, despite the above-pictured Corinthian-esque moments.

I didn't end up using the cotton balls much at all, except for on her cheeks.
I found that my softest, small paint brush worked much better for me.
Blending chalk-pastels was fun,
however I couldn't get the eye color I wanted.

I'm very pleased with her lips and cheeks!
You can't really tell in these pictures, but her eyes are much too dark,
and much too bluish.
I was hoping to achieve a very very soft sage green.
But that's the great part, I can just buff off the color and try again!
After I experiment with my greens a bit more though.

Also, I made that whole outfit :)
Yeah, I may not want to be one right this second, but when I do, I'm so going to be the coolest mum ever.
Well...providing I have girls >.>


~ Amy


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